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System Performance

For anybody interested, the "torture test" I mention in the article comprises a batch of around 90 files (mailing list digests) and a Perl script. The script generates a makefile which diffs every pair of these files and gzips the result, then processes this with different -j values. The result gives the best time to completion, plus the energy consumed as W-Mins.

To date, my results are as below:

Qemu x86, 1 job, 390W                            47m0.441s    18,330

Qemu ARM, 1 job, 390W                            42m58.925s   16,757

Qemu MIPS, 1 job, 390W                           17m49.103s    6,949

Hercules zSeries, 4 jobs, 390W                    9m43.330s    3,790

UML, 1 job, 390W                                  8m26.529s    3,289

SPARCstation 20, 2 jobs, 130W (175VA)             8m12.582s    1,068

SPARCserver 1000E, 8 jobs, 550W (560VA)           1m51.926s    1,018

PS/2-77i, 4 jobs, 60W (95VA)                     12m19.768s      740

Sun Ultra-1 170MHz 192Mb, 2 jobs, 89W (102VA)     6m32.867s      583

E4500 4x SMP 400MHz 2Gb 16 jobs, 484W (530VA)     0m56.201s      453

E4500 8x SMP 400MHz 4Gb 16 jobs, 772W (845VA)     0m31.025s      399

Compaq ProLiant 3000, 2 jobs, 275W (300VA)        1m27.038s      399

HP Vectra VL, 180MHz 96Mb, 1 job, 67W             5m35.479s      374

Sun Ultra-5 270MHz 256Mb, 2 jobs, 62W (119VA)     5m27.443s      338

Compaq ProLiant 1850R, 2 jobs, 182W (208VA)       1m3.195s       191

Sun Ultra-60, 2x 450MHz 2Gb, 8 jobs, 195W (210VA) 0m52.133s      169

Sun Ultra-10 400MHz 320Mb, 1 job, 75W (84VA)      1m46.917s      134

PowerMac G3, 333MHz 256Mb, 1 job, 45W (67VA)      2m31.750s      113

Compaq Deskpro ENS, 8 jobs, 57W (75VA)            1m59.107s      113

Compaq AP550, 2x 800MHz 768Mb, 8 jobs, 147W       0m43.924s      108

Compaq ProLiant ML530 G2, 2.8GHz, 3Gb, 8 jobs, 390W 0m12.170      79

Linksys NSLU2, 266MHz 32Mb, 1 job, 7W             6m35.014s       46

Note that in the case of Qemu, UML and Hercules the test does not examine the case of multiple guest systems running simultaneously on the host.