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Downloading Trunk

Downloading the entire CCR and extracting just RichMemo is a slow process. This bash script will pull down just trunk into the current dir. Note it depends on file names not changing.


# Gets the trunk version of Richmemo, overwriting current version if present.
# NOTE : if files added or renamed, will require attention !
# DRB Dec 30, 2019


for i in wsrichmeno.pas rtfparspre211.pas richmemoutils.pas richmemortf.pas richmemoregister.pas richmemopackage.pas richmemopackage.lrs richmemopackage.lpk richmemohelpers.pas richmemofactory.pas richmemo.pas ; do
	rm "$i" 2>/dev/null
	wget "$BASE$i"

mkdir -p win32
cd win32
rm *.pas
for i in win32richmemo.pas win32richmemoole.pas win32richmemoproc.pas ; do
	rm "$i" 2>/dev/null
	wget "$BASE"win32/"$i"
cd .. 

for i in carbon cocoa gtk2 qt qt5 ; do
	mkdir -p "$i"
	cd "$i"
	rm "$i"richmemo.pas 2>/dev/null
	wget "$BASE""$i/$i"richmemo.pas
	cd ..

mkdir -p ide
cd ide
rm *.lfm *.pas 2>/dev/null
wget "$BASE"ide/rtfeditpropdialog.lfm
wget "$BASE"ide/rtfeditpropdialog.pas
cd ..
ls -l

--Dbannon (talk) 01:36, 30 December 2019 (CET)

Page Renaming

Arent. Recently you moved RichMemo to TRichMemo. Not sure why this occurred and what's the reason for it (is there a page that disclose the requirement?), but Russian page was not moved and now it is lost (from user interface!).

Here's a consideration for renaming. While the visual component itself is indeed named TRichMemo, the package is named RichMemo. It includes a little bit more than just TRichMemo component. For example it contains TCustomRichMemo, that is used as a base for a separate package TDBRichMemo!

Thus I'm thinking that the page should named after the package name rather than component name.

I moved it back (I guess I overlooked the /ru page). - Arent (talk) 12:35, 29 July 2016 (CEST)
Thanks! Why did you rename it in the first place? Skalogryz (talk) 14:10, 29 July 2016 (CEST)

Todo SetParaTabs

Add more examples and descriptions about TabStops.

The sample below adjusts RichMemo, to have tab stops for 8 characters sharp in Mono-Width text

procedure InitTabStopWithWidth(out lst: TTabstopList; width: double);
  ReasonableCount = 12;
  i : integer;
  SetLength(lst.Tabs, ReasonableCount);
  for i:=0 to ReasonableCount-1 do

procedure TForm1.FormShow(Sender: TObject);
  w : double;
  lst : TTabStopList;
  Canvas.Font.Name:='Courier New'; // RichMemo1.Font.Name
  Canvas.Font.Size:=10;            // RichMemo1.Font.Size
  w:=Canvas.TextWidth('w')/96*72;  // should be mono-width anyway
  InitTabStopWithWidth(lst, w*8);

  RichMemo1.SetParaTabs (0,-1, lst);