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  • Do not update the Linux section with different Desktop Environments (e.g. XFCE, KDE, GNOME, ...) that is not the scope of this page. We don't want a screenshot for every available distribution running every available Desktop environment with every available Widget.
  • One (1) (yes 1!!!!) screenshot for each widget is enough, otherwise we will have different combinations
  • Please make screenshots with a resolution of 1024x768 and save it as PNG.
  • Please do not remove empty screenshots, those are place holders there, to show it also works on that platform, and maybe perhaphs somebody can make those screenshots.
  • Please while making a screenshot, use the default theme of that OS this will make the screenshot more professional and familiar. (Windows 2000 (and before) = Redmond style, Windows XP = Luna theme, Windows Vista = Aero Glass theme, Windows 8 = Metro theme,... )
  • When making the screenshot aling the IDE to it's top and left border and expand the IDE windows to touch the right and bottom border (see Windows XP/Vista screenshot)