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Resource format

The article discusses including .lrs/Lazarus resources. Can you also use .rc/regular Windows resources? These are a bit smaller than Laz resources...

--BigChimp 16:30, 27 February 2013 (UTC)

TranslateUnitResourceStrings defined in two modules

If you use 'gettext' and 'translations' units together, don't forget to specify unit when using TranslateUnitResourceStrings function, because it defined in both, and only God knows which one your compiler will choose. Wrong: TranslateUnitResourceStrings('LCLStrConsts', PODirectory + 'lclstrconsts.%s.po', Lang, FallbackLang); Correct: Translations.TranslateUnitResourceStrings('LCLStrConsts', PODirectory + 'lclstrconsts.%s.po', Lang, FallbackLang);