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TdxDBGridController is a non visual component with no dependencies providing added functionalities for the TDBGrid object.


Demo project:

Licenses: MPL 2.0 or LGPL.

TdxDBGridController 200.png TdxDBGridController component

TdxDBGridController DataControl.png

TdxDBGridController will be installed in the Data Controls tab


Main functionalities

A grid controller that provides extra features to your existing TDBGrid.

  • Searching expression in the grid
  • Searching expression in column
  • Column filter editor
  • Datetime editor, memo editor and lookup editor
  • Saving the current filter view (JSON)
  • Multi column sorting
  • Column chooser editor
  • Column grouping visual separator on one level
  • No data indicator
  • Footer and aggregation on columns
  • Perform 50000 records under a second

TDBGrid events to achive the task

For all these events the inherited events are called before they are triggered, it is possible that these cause unexpected behavior, it is therefore necessary to validate the relevance of keeping them or at least validating their execution.

  • OnDrawColumnTitle
  • OnDrawColumnCell
  • OnEditButtonClick
  • OnGetCellHint
  • OnKeyDown
  • OnMouseMove
  • OnMouseDown
  • OnTitleClick

Overriden event of the dataset linked to the TDBGrid

If an OnFilterRecord event is used by the dataset, it will be override by the builtin event of the controller, no inheritance is taken into account in this case. Need this to achive the filtering with no interference.

  • OnFilterRecord

TdxDBGridController events

OnAfterFilterGrid Event handler triggered after filter execution
OnAfterSortColumn Event handler triggered after sorting a column
OnAggregation Event handler to define which column is showing an aggregation
OnBeforeSortColumn Event handler triggered before sorting a column
OnLocalize Event handler triggered to translate string resources
OnPrepareLookupDataset Event handler triggered to prepare the lookup dataset if needed
OnSortColumn If your dataset is inherited from TBufDataset, TSQLQuery (Lazarus), TMSQuery, TMSTable (Devart), TZQuery, TZTable (ZeosLib) you don't need to use this event handler, the controller will automatically detect the class and set the IndexDef, IndexFieldNames or SortedFields properties accordingly to the dataset you're using. You can use the SQLOrderBy value to requery your dataset on the db server side if needed.


Aggregation example on 2 lines

Procedure TForm1.dxDBGridController1Aggregation(Sender: TdxDBGridController);
   Sender.ColumnPropertyList.ColumnPropertyByName('ProjectManager').FooterAlignment   := taRightJustify;
   Sender.ColumnPropertyList.ColumnPropertyByName('ProjectManager').FooterDisplayText :=
      'Count Distinct : ' + Sender.ColumnPropertyList.Aggregation(agDistinct, 'ProjectManager').AsString;
   // Use the FooterPanel property to set the height : dxDBGridControler1.FooterPanel.Height := Self.DBGrid1.DefaultRowHeight * 2;  
   Sender.ColumnPropertyList.ColumnPropertyByName('OpeningDate').FooterAlignment   := taCenter;
   Sender.ColumnPropertyList.ColumnPropertyByName('OpeningDate').FooterDisplayText :=
      'Min : ' + Sender.ColumnPropertyList.Aggregation(agMin, 'OpeningDate').AsString + Char(13) + Char(10) +
      'Max : ' + Sender.ColumnPropertyList.Aggregation(agMax, 'OpeningDate').AsString;


This is an example, French translation of some of the component string resources:

Procedure TForm1.dxDBGridController1Localize(Sender: TObject; Component: TComponent; ID_Ressource: String; Var Translation: String);
    If ID_Ressource = msg_search Then
         Translation := 'Recherche...'
      Else If ID_Ressource = msg_first Then
         Translation := 'Aller au début'
      Else If ID_Ressource = msg_prior Then
         Translation := 'Précédent'
      Else If ID_Ressource = msg_next Then
         Translation := 'Suivant'
      Else If ID_Ressource = msg_last Then
         Translation := 'Aller à la fin'
      Else If ID_Ressource = msg_add Then
         Translation := 'Ajouter'
      Else If ID_Ressource = msg_delete Then
         Translation := 'Détruire'
      Else If ID_Ressource = msg_edit Then
         Translation := 'Éditer'
      Else If ID_Ressource = msg_save Then
         Translation := 'Enregistrer'
      Else If ID_Ressource = msg_cancel Then
         Translation := 'Annuler'
      Else If ID_Ressource = msg_refresh Then
         Translation := 'Actualiser'
      Else If ID_Ressource = msg_btncancel Then
         Translation := 'Annuler'
      Else If ID_Ressource = msg_of Then
         Translation := 'de'
      Else If ID_Ressource = msg_nodata Then
         Translation := 'Aucune donnée trouvée!'
      Else If ID_Ressource = msg_columnchooser Then
         Translation := 'Sélectionner les colonnes...'
      Else If ID_Ressource = msg_clearselection Then
         Translation := 'Annuler sélection'
      Else If ID_Ressource = msg_selectall Then
         Translation := 'Tout sélectionner'
      Else If ID_Ressource = msg_sortingasc Then
         Translation := 'Trier en mode croissant'
      Else If ID_Ressource = msg_sortingdesc Then
         Translation := 'Trier en mode décroissant'; 

List of ressourcestring used by the TdxDBGridController

  • msg_search = 'Search...';
  • msg_first = 'First';
  • msg_prior = 'Prior';
  • msg_next = 'Next';
  • msg_last = 'Last';
  • msg_add = 'Add';
  • msg_delete = 'Delete';
  • msg_edit = 'Edit';
  • msg_save = 'Save';
  • msg_cancel = 'Cancel';
  • msg_refresh = 'Refresh';
  • msg_btncancel = 'Cancel';
  • msg_btnok = 'OK';
  • msg_of = 'of';
  • msg_nodata = 'No Data Found!';
  • msg_columnchooser = 'Column Chooser...';
  • msg_clearselection = 'Clear Selection';
  • msg_selectall = 'Select All';
  • msg_sortingasc = 'Sort by ascending order';
  • msg_sortingdesc = 'Sort by descending order';


Global search

TdxDBGridController SearchGrid.png

Multi sort

A Ctrl+Left clic is use to performe a multi column sorting, the index will appear under the sort indicator.

TdxDBGridController MultiSort.png

Column filter

Once you have focused on the grid you can have access to the column filter by clicking the filter icon or with the default shortcut Ctrl+J, this shortcut could be changed with the ColumnFilterShortCut property.

TdxDBGridController ColumnFilter.png

Column search and aggregation

It is not mandatory to use the footer panel to display the aggregation, you can use any other control at your convenience. The values are calculated and set in the OnAggregation event. In this example, the FooterPanel height of the TdxDBGridController was set to Self.DBGrid1.DefaultRowHeight * 2 in order to display the result on 2 lines.

TdxDBGridController SearchAndAggregation.png

TdxDBGridController properties

TdxDBGridController Properties.png

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