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This page lists template engines for generating text or HTML.

project license notes
adp2html FPC? Tool used to generate the FPC website. (undocumented?)
fptemplate FPC Part of fcl-web. (undocumented?)
QTemplate Public Domain This unit implements an alternative to FPTemplate engine, with different approach.
JTemplate FPC This plugin helps you to fill variables in a template file.
DVDChief Template Engine LGPL or MPL Delphi XE/XE2/XE3 compiled to native code. Has functions and expressions, Smarty-like syntax.
Web Application Template Engine ? Stub wiki page, with broken link (as of Jan 2014).
FastTrac Template Engine MPL Delphi encapsulation of the Smarty template engine.
Synopse Mustache Template Engine MPL or GPL or LGPL Free Pascal / Delphi encapsulation of the Mustache template engine.
mustapas MIT Simple Mustache template engine in Free Pascal.
STE Public domain Simple Template Engine (vars, if/else, for, datasets).
Kumis FPC Simple, Mustache-like, template engine implemented in Free Pascal.
SimpleTPL LGPL-2.1 Simple template engine.
Template Engine MPL-2.0 The DVD Chief template engine used in generation of movie and person template and HTML export. Engine has most features of Smarty PHP template engine.
dmustache Not Mentioned SynMustache is a Delphi/FPC implementation of the Mustache template language.
ooTemplateParser Modified BSD License (BSD) Code to use text templates in Pascal code.
Maki Not Mentioned Maki is a templating engine for Free Pascal based on nodes (aka graphs).