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Our goal is to use a Raspberry Pi (optional - Zero Wireless With Headers with Sense HAT documented more here, here, and here).

- Use a PC to install PINN Lite onto a 8 GB SD card.
- Set up hardware similar to this, but the Zero is a little different as need USB hub and several micro to standard cables.
PINN works with wireless keyboards and mice (unlike NOOBS)!
- Power up your Raspberry Pi, configure Internet access (if using WiFi)
- Select your Language near the bottom of the screen
- Make sure Raspbian Lite is selected to install, then click the Install button.
- When reboots, delay login as Raspbian does updates automatically by itself, login (user pi and password raspberry)
- We are basically following the "headless" set up here.
- Enter the following lines (without bold comment text)
sudo sh -c "apt update && apt dist-upgrade && apt autoremove"
sudo raspi-config (to select timezone under 4-Localisation Options)
sudo reboot
The reason binutils-arm-none-eabi is needed when running natively: arm_none_eabi
sudo apt install binutils-arm-none-eabi
wget https://github.com/ultibohub/Tools/releases/latest/download/ultiboinstaller.sh
chmod u+rx ultiboinstaller.sh
Note: the script below takes about 30 minutes on a RPi3B, about 80 minutes on a Zero.
./ultiboinstaller.sh (confirm don't want Lazarus, do want to build the Hello World examples)
Completes on RPi3B and Zero.
sudo poweroff (wait for LED off before remove power)

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