Unix RTL to do list

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Warning: This page is only very occasionally updated, to keep track of very long term todos

  • check IOPerm and IOPL for all platforms remember doing a bit, but without portio, there is not much need on other targets.
  • Unix RTL Dev random notes
  • Mac OS X compability IPC unit (when lag on Cider lessens, mostly done) Jonas worked on it in 2.2 (2.4?) times, I did some common cleanups.
  • (libc) Directly redirect pipe functions in unit Unix to libc, instead of implement them on top of pipe()
  • 64-bit filesystem support. default on unix. Afaik 2.6 got a lot of unix/sysutils etc files adapted.
  • FPC_USE_LIBCify netdb cnetdb in 2.4
  • KQueue
  • most 1.0.x deprecations now done, 3.2 gets rid of linux stat union.