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我只是 FPC/Lazarus 文件的繁體中文初版翻譯者,也是 Indy 元件中 TIdDNSServer 的原始作者。 Indy 是一組可以在 Delphi/FPC/Lazarus 裡面使用的網路元件。

2002-2008 我也在元智大學 資訊傳播學系兼任講師。

您可以透過我的Hinet email學校的 Email 和我連繫。

I just translated the first version of documents of FPC/Lazarus to Traditional Chinese, and the author of TIdDNSServer, which is contained in Indy.

Indy is a collect of networking components for Delphi/FPC/Lazarus.

2002-2008, I am also a part-time instructor in Information communication department of Yuan-Ze University.

If necessary, please contact me with my Hinet email or mail-box in school