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I'm just a hobbyist programmer who loves Pascal. I have various projects in Pascal and other languages at Github. I initiated the native Windows API port of Lazarus in the early 21st century in an attempt to have a good free RAD tool for Windows to hopefully increase Pascal adoption, but the project later got taken up by others who are more knowledgeable in Delphi (I've never used it) and were able to fulfill the project's requirements of having both Windows and Linux to test (something I couldn't do at the time and not know either, as I don't have a valid Windows license anymore, but cross-compiling and running under WINE seems to work fairly well).

My current project is to get Extended Pascal support in Free Pascal, so that I can build my next project (a Wayland compositor) as much as possible in accordance with standards (though, this will really delay my migration to Wayland, but its code will be so much nicer).

Nowadays, I use the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard Layout, so my coding is much faster than in my Lazarus days, when I was hunt-and-pecking. Though, modifying a compiler is much more difficult than implementing some class methods.