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Hi, my name is Bjørn T. Jønsson. I'm a middle-aged norwegian guy with 25+ years of professional programming experience, partly from inhouse programming at work and partly as a Computer Consultant in my own firm. I've used Delphi since version 1 (upto v6) and before that Turbo/Borland Pascal since v4.

A few years ago I discovered Free Pascal and looked at it. Although it looked promising to me, I didn't follow up on it until I recently discovered Lazarus. I think Lazarus has a great future, and I want to invest time to make it work for me. My plan is also to contribute with documentation and later on even source patches to the project.

Contact information

You can email me at bjorn(at-sign)softace(dot here)com. BUT NO SPAM! For instant messages, (video) calls, etc. I use Skype. If you want to chat with me on Skype, my ID is Prognatus. I also have an OpenID with that nick and a Personal Identity Portal (PIP) page with some contact info at Verisign here: [1] For other info, there will be a personal page about me on bjorn(dot)softace(dot)com "soon".