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Hi Lainz,

I tried to make first progress using your BGRABitmap library, and failed miserably. The install instructions in the Lazarus Wiki seem to be wrong, BGRABitmap does not seem to be included in lazpaint any more. Instead, I found a Version 9.2.2 in the directory src/oldbgrabitmap, is this the correct one?

Download of the BGRAControls library succeeded, it instaeed into my Lazarus 1.6 IDE, but when I tried to compile the tutorials and demos, most would not compile due to missing packages or components, like "etpackage", "TBGLVirtualScreen", "TCDSpinedit" and some others.

So I set off on an expedition on myself, and got some simple basic forms to work, but then got again stuck, when I tried to get TBCDefaultThemeManager to do anything useful, failed, recognized that the documentation does not contain a word of info on how to make use of it. What I am looking for is THE component which styles all GUI controls at once, sometimes called a Skin Manager, I guess this could be what TBCDefaultThemeManager is intended to be, but how do I use it?

Any hints you can give me would be greatly appreciated, it's a real pity that the otherwise extremely powerful library (telling from the demos I got to work) causes one uneecessary grief due to some basic glitches in the documentation.

Greetz from Bavaria


(Lazarus 1.6 on Windows 7 x64 and Windows 10 x64)

--007 (talk) 22:58, 2 January 2017 (CET) Hi, first of all I don't have access to this account anymore, my new account is 007. Second I'm not the author of BGRABitmap, the author is circular (circular17 on GitHub).

The instructions in the wiki are wrong, BGRABitmap can be downloaded on GitHub (

Well you need at least Lazarus 1.6.2 to use TCDSpinEdit (it's strange because is supposed to be included in Lazarus, if doesn't works try installinc customdrawn package), TBGLVirtualScreen requires the newest version of BGRABitmap (there's an lpk that provides that control), etpackage can be downloaded, search this wiki for it "Epik Timer".

Yes the documentation doesn't tell how to use TBCDefaultThemeManager, but there's a demo that show how to use it (bgracontrols\test\test_bccontrols\test_bcthememanager). BTW it styles only all TBCButton only. Not the other controls yet. If you can install custom drawn there are more controls with a dark theme ready to use.