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This packages contains several translated Windows headers, and units that build directly on top of them. Currently it contains the following units

  • activex
  • comconst
  • commctrl
  • commdlg
  • comobj
  • flatsb
  • imagehlp
  • mmsystem
  • ole2
  • oleserver
  • richedit
  • shellapi
  • shfolder
  • shlobj
  • wininet
  • winver
  • uxtheme (added after 2.2.4 based on Jedi headers with updates)

As well as a buildunit (buildwinutilsbase) to speed up building.


The mmsystem unit contains the translation of the windows multimedia system SDK headers. It is a straight translation of the header files, and contains no extra functionality. For more information, the Microsoft SDK manuals should be consulted.

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