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The XForms libraries provide a large number of objects and functions to manipulate those objects. It is built on top of XLib and is small and efficient. A short list of objects is

  • Buttons
  • Checkboxes
  • Menus
  • Canvases
  • XYplots
  • File selectors

But there are many, many more.

At this moment, the XForms header file has been translated, and several demonstration programs that come with XForms, have been translated from C.

An installation program for Free Pascal has been designed and tested.

And a filter to translate .fd files to pascal programs is provided. This means you can design your program using fdesign, and let the design program emit pascal source code for a unit or program.

There are about 50 demonstration programs in pascal, translated from the original demo programs. With the exception of 3 or four, which use C constructs not available in Free Pascal, all of them are fully functional.

All this can be compiled and installed easily with a makefile.

You can take a look at some screen shots on this page.

Where to get it ?

First of all, you need the following files.

  • You need a recent version of the XForms libraries. Parked site, since the original site is gone There are binary distributions available. The files you download contain instructions for installing. Or check the package repository of your distro. Don't forget to install the shared libraries. (They have an extension .so)
  • The Free Pascal units and demo programs are part of the Free Pascal.


XForms example 1


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