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The cdrom package contains some routines to read the table of contents (TOC) of a CD-ROM. From this TOC a DISC ID can be computed which can be used to query a CDDB server such as the one on This unit is compatible with Linux (only tested on x86) and Windows (only tested on 32-bit)

The package consists of 2 main units, and some auxiliary units:

  • cdrom: this unit contains the routines to determine which CD-ROM devices exist on the system, and to read the TOC of a cdrom in one of the devices.
  • discid: this unit calculates a DISC ID based on the TOC of a CD-ROM. This disc ID can be used to send a query to a cddb database server. A routine exists which returns the exact query string for the CDDB server.

Other than these units, there exist some auxiliary units:

  • lincd a unit which contains essentially the translation of the linux kernel cdrom interface (linux/cdrom.h header file).
  • major a unit containing the definitions of the major device numbers on linux.
  • wincd a unit containing windows routines to enumerate cd-rom drives and read the TOC of a CDROM. It supports SPTI, IOCTL and ASPI interface calls to accomplish this task.
  • wnaspi32 the win32 interface to ASPI (SCSI programming interface for Windows)
  • scsidefs some constant and type definitions for the SCSI layer on Windows.

There are also 2 test programs to demonstrate the capabilities of these units:

  • showcds: demonstrates the cdrom unit, shows the available CD-ROM disc drives on the system.
  • getdiscid: demonstrates the cdrom and discid unit by calculating the disc ID from a cdrom in a disc drive.

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