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This page is a summary of the file types created by FPC and Lazarus. The main purpose is to make it easy to find out whether or not a particular file should be added to a Version Control System (VCS) like SVN or Git.

Types to add to VCS

Extension Description
.pas Pascal source code file
.pp Pascal source code file (useful if you want to avoid confusion with Delphi source code files).
.lfm Lazarus form source file. Analogous to Delphi's dfm files.
.lpi Lazarus project information file. Created by Lazarus for every new project.
.lpr Lazarus program (or project) file. The source code of the main program. Analogous to Delphi's dpr project file.
.rc A Windows resource file (not binary)
.ico The main project icon in Windows icon format
.manifest Windows-specific manifest file for themes

Types usually not added to VCS

Extension Description
.lps Lazarus project settings file. Created by Lazarus for every new project.
.lrs Lazarus resource file.
.compiled FPC compilation state
.o Object file
.or Object file
.ppu A compiled Unit file
.res The result of compiling the rc file (binary)
.rst Compiled resource strings. Used for L10n. If you intend to translate an application, this should probably be version controlled.

An example .gitignore file for Lazarus/Free Pascal