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GDBINT - GNU debugger interface

The gdbint package contains a set of units to interface to the GNU debugger (GDB) library, libgdb. It is used in the Free Pascal text-based IDE. The units are:

  • gdbint The actual interface unit, actually a translation of the library header files. (View interface)
  • gdbcon Implements the TGDBController object, which controls a debugging session. It implements methods which map to GDB commands. (View Interface)

There are also some example programs:

  • gdbver Program which detects the version of libgdb present on the system. The exit code is the version number of the gdb library.
  • symify Program which translates backtrace addresses to file and line information. This can be used on a program which has debug information compiled in.
    • testgdb small program which offers a simple command-line interface to the GDB debugger.

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