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Warning: This information would be appear to be out of date.

Version References

This article makes reference to various versions (in scripts and commands) that may not be the most current. Please verify they are correct on your system before trying any of the commands.

  • 2.4.2 - The base install of FPC (used for bootstrapping the installation of the latest version)
  • 2.5.1 - The latest version of FPC used for compiling Objective Pascal (macOS and iOS)
  • iPhoneOS4.2.sdk - The latest iOS SDK which is compatible with the translated headers.

Downloading Sources

Before building any compilers you must download the FPC sources from SVN. This page references the standard location of /Developer/ObjectivePascal/fpc for all the FPC sources and you may need to create the /Developer/ObjectivePascal directory before going any further.

To check out the FPC sources for the first time use the command:

svn co http://svn.freepascal.org/svn/fpc/trunk /Developer/ObjectivePascal/fpc

To update the FPC sources from a previous download use the command:

svn up http://svn.freepascal.org/svn/fpc/trunk /Developer/ObjectivePascal/fpc

Building the compiler for Mac OS X development

1) Download the latest version of FPC and Xcode developer tools then install.

2) Download the latest version of the sources (see #Downloading Sources)

3) Build the Intel compiler to /usr/local/lib/fpc/2.5.1/ppc386

cd /Developer/ObjectivePascal/fpc
sudo make distclean -j 3
sudo make FPC=/usr/local/lib/fpc/2.4.2/ppc386 OPT="-ap" distclean all -j 2
sudo make FPC=`pwd`/compiler/ppc386 install

4) Build the PPC compiler to /usr/local/lib/fpc/2.5.1/ppcppc.

cd /Developer/ObjectivePascal/fpc
sudo make distclean -j 3
sudo make FPC=/usr/local/lib/fpc/2.4.2/ppc386 OPT="-ap" distclean CPU_TARGET=powerpc all -j 2
sudo make FPC=`pwd`/compiler/ppcppc CROSSINSTALL=1 install
sudo mv /usr/local/lib/fpc/2.5.1/ppcrossppc /usr/local/lib/fpc/2.5.1/ppcppc

5) Build the 64-bit compiler to /usr/local/lib/fpc/2.5.1/ppcx64.

cd /Developer/ObjectivePascal/fpc sudo make distclean -j 3 make FPC=/usr/local/lib/fpc/2.4.2/ppc386 OPT="-ap" CPU_TARGET=x86_64 all -j 2 sudo make FPC=`pwd`/compiler/ppcx64 CROSSINSTALL=1 install sudo mv /usr/local/lib/fpc/2.5.1/ppcrossx64 /usr/local/lib/fpc/2.5.1/ppcx64

Cocoa Headers

The most recent version of the translated Cocoa headers (which are guaranteed to compile with that version) are location in the FPC distribution at /Developer/ObjectivePascal/fpc/packages/cocoaint/src. If you need newer headers you will need to parse them manually using the framework parser located at /Developer/ObjectivePascal/fpc/packages/cocoaint/utils/parser.php.

Building the compiler for iOS development

Follow the steps below to install the ARM compiler and 386 compiler for iOS simulator. In the examples below the iPhoneOS4.2.sdk SDK is used but you should change this to the SDK version which you installed from Xcode.

1) Download the latest version of FPC and Xcode Developer Tools (with iOS SDK) then install. Please note you must start with a standard (unchanged) installation of Xcode developer tools and iOS SDK.

If you installed Xcode into another location than the default location /Developer you will need to change the paths below and in any other scripts you may run. Make sure if you installed into another location the path does not contain spaces.

2) Download the latest version of the sources (see #Downloading Sources)

3) Make sig_cpu.inc (a file that can not be distributed without violating the Apple user agreement) by running the command below. Please note you may need to set the path to the iOS SDK you are using by editing the variables IPHONEINSTALLDIR and IPHONESDKDIR. If the command was successful the file should exist at /Developer/ObjectivePascal/fpc/rtl/darwin/arm/sig_cpu.inc.

/usr/bin/gcc -I"$INCLUDEDIR" -E -D__need_mcontext_t -D__DARWIN_UNIX03 "$STRUCTSHEADER" | sed -e 's/__uint32_t/cuint32/g' -e 's/_STRUCT_ARM_EXCEPTION_STATE/__darwin_arm_exception_state/' -e 's/_STRUCT_ARM_THREAD_STATE/__darwin_arm_thread_state/' -e 's/_STRUCT_ARM_VFP_STATE/__darwin_arm_vfp_state/' -e 's/__darwin_mcontext/mcontext_t/' > "$FPCSOURCEDIR"/rtl/darwin/arm/sig_cpu.h
/usr/local/bin/h2pas -i -o "$FPCSOURCEDIR"/rtl/darwin/arm/sig_cpu.inc "$FPCSOURCEDIR"/rtl/darwin/arm/sig_cpu.h

4) Build the ARM cross-compiler to /usr/local/lib/fpc/2.5.1/ppcrossarm

cd /Developer/ObjectivePascal/fpc
export IPHONEPLATFORMBASEDIR=/Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer
make FPC=/usr/local/lib/fpc/2.4.2/ppc386 CPU_TARGET=arm CROSSOPT="-FD${IPHONEPLATFORMBASEDIR}/usr/bin -XR${IPHONEPLATFORMBASEDIR}/SDKs/iPhoneOS4.2.sdk/ -ap -Cfvfpv2" all
sudo make FPC=`pwd`/compiler/ppcrossarm OPT="-ap" CPU_TARGET=arm CROSSOPT="-FD${IPHONEPLATFORMBASEDIR}/usr/bin -XR${IPHONEPLATFORMBASEDIR}/SDKs/iPhoneOS4.2.sdk/ -ap" install CROSSINSTALL=1
sudo ln -sf ../lib/fpc/2.5.1/ppcrossarm /usr/local/bin/ppcarm

5) Build the Intel compiler for iOS Simulator /usr/local/lib/fpc/2.5.1/ppc386

cd /Developer/ObjectivePascal/fpc
make FPC=/usr/local/lib/fpc/2.4.2/ppc386 OS_TARGET=iphonesim all
sudo make FPC=/usr/local/lib/fpc/2.4.2/ppc386 OS_TARGET=iphonesim install CROSSINSTALL=1

iOS Headers

The iOS headers must be manually generated using a script as they can not be legally distributed in translated Pascal form. The SDK used to parse the sources may not be the latest version of the SDK you installed from Xcode. Check that you have the SDK version used in the script make-ios-headers.sh before trying this step.

cd /Developer/ObjectivePascal/fpc/packages/cocoaint/utils

The headers will be parsed and saved into /Developer/ObjectivePascal/fpc/packages/cocoaint/utils/uikit-skel/src.

Compiling iOS Sources

These are example commands you can use to compile iOS programs from the command line. Change the path of the iOS SDK to the version which you generated the headers for.

  • Example command for iOS simulator
/usr/local/lib/fpc/2.5.1/ppcross386 -XX -Tiphonesim -Fu/Developer/ObjectivePascal/fpc/packages/cocoaint/utils/uikit-skel/src -XR/Developer/Platforms/iPhoneSimulator.platform/Developer/SDKs/iPhoneSimulator4.2.sdk program.pas
  • Example command for iOS device
/usr/local/lib/fpc/2.5.1/ppcrossarm -XX -Cfvfpv2 -Fu/Developer/ObjectivePascal/fpc/packages/cocoaint/utils/uikit-skel/src -FD/Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer/usr/bin -XR/Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer/SDKs/iPhoneOS4.2.sdk program.pas