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FPC is a volunteer project. In general there is no long term planning, other than keeping things working that already work and increasing Delphi compatibility in the Delphi syntax modes. Every improvement that is added comes from personal interest and effort by contributors.

This page nevertheless tries to provide an idea of what is to come in FPC by giving an overview of the FPC features that are currently under active development. Note that other features may still be implemented first due to e.g. someone suddenly providing a patch, contract work or a need by a new OS version of an existing supported target.

Features under active development

Feature Branch Status Target version/date(if any) Comments
Delphi-style packages support svenbarth/packages Basic compile-time packages work for Windows Dynamic packages support is not yet working at all
Generic functions Local developer branch Working in ObjFPC mode, under development for Delphi modes Mailing list post
LLVM code generator backend trunk See the LLVM page 4.0

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