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Command line

General use :

lazpaint inputfile [/command1 [/command2...]] [outputfile]


lazpaint inputfile [-command1 [-command2...]] [outputfile]

On Linux, the command prefix is "-".

On Windows, the command prefix can be "-" or "/".

Line without command

You can omit commands to convert an image to another file format. For example :

lazpaint image.pdn image.png

will flatten and save a Paint.NET image into a PNG.

Line without output file

If you do not specify an output file, the application is opened with the resulting image. For example:

lazpaint image.png /RotateCW

will open the image with a 90° rotation.

Line without input file

You can also create an image out of nothing. For example :

lazpaint /New(800,600) /Gradient(255,255,255,255,0,0,0,255,Linear,0,0,800,600) blackwhite.png

will create an image with a black and white gradient and save it into blackwhite.png.

General commands

Here is the list of supported commands :

  • /HorizontalFlip : flips image horizontally
  • /VerticalFlip : flips image vertically
  • /SwapRedBlue : swaps red and blue channels
  • /RotateCW : rotates image clockwise
  • /RotateCCW : rotates image counterclockwise
  • /Resample(Width,Height: Integer) : resample image to Width x Height
  • /Opacity(Value: Byte) : applies a global factor to opacity
  • /Gradient(red1,green1,blue1,alpha1,red2,green2,blue2,alpha2: Byte; type; x1,y1,x2,y2: Single) : draws a gradient. Type can be Linear, Reflected, Diamond or Radial.
  • /New(Width,Height) : creates a new empty image of Width x Height

For example :

lazpaint bigimage.bmp /Resample(320,200) smallimage.png

will save a small copy of bigimage.bmp into smallimage.png

Filter commands

You can apply filters with default values. Here is the list of filter commands:

Blur filters : BlurPrecise, BlurRadial, BlurFast, BlurCorona, BlurDisk, BlurMotion, BlurCustom

Pixel filters : Sharpen, Smooth, Median, ClearType, ClearTypeInverse, Emboss, Contour, Grayscale, Negative, LinearNegative, ComplementaryColor, Normalize, SmartZoom3

Deformation filters : Sphere, Twirl, Cylinder, Plane

Rendering filters : PerlinNoise, CyclicPerlinNoise, Clouds, CustomWater, Water, Wood, WoodVertical, Plastik, MetalFloor, Camouflage, SnowPrint, Stone, RoundStone, Marble

For example :

lazpaint photo.jpg /Contour /Emboss /Normalize

will transform the image into a carved stone.