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The "components" directory of the Lazarus source tree comes with a number of very useful components, and they are described below. Note that there are also other components which can be downloaded separately from the Lazarus Code and Component Repository.

List of Components

  • aggpas
  • cgi
  • chmhelp - Provides context-sensitive help for the IDE using CHM files.
  • codetools
  • compilers
  • custom
  • customdrawn - An under construction package containing all kinds of custom drawn components for Lazarus.
  • customform
  • daemon - Creating background applications
  • datadict
  • datetimectrls - This package contains TDateTimePicker control and TDBDateTimePicker (a data aware version of TDateTimePicker).
  • dbexport - Components that allow exporting datasets to RTF, simple XML, TeX, DBF, JSON, SQL statements, fixed format text files, CSV files, and more formats:
    • includes/see fpXMLXSDExport: other XML formats (Delphi clientdataset format, Excel, MS Access, and ADO.Net)
    • includes/see fpdbfexport: export to DBF/(Visual) FoxPro formats
  • editortoolbar
  • education - How to setup the IDE for courses and beginners
  • externhelp
  • filebrowser
  • fpcunit - unit testing support. See also fpcunit
  • fpweb - Creating web applications with the fpWeb framework, which allows to use a same source to deploy a web application as CGI, FastCGI or as an Apache Module
  • fractions: A unit for doing arithmatics with fractions
  • h2pas
  • images
  • industrial - Components that emulate industrial controls/plant controls like LEDs, arrows etc. Present since at least Lazarus 1.2.0
  • jcf2
  • lazcontrols
  • lazreport
  • lazsvnpkg
  • lazthread
  • leakview
  • macfiles
  • memds - A simple in-memory dataset; see also How to write in-memory database applications in Lazarus/FPC
  • messagecomposer
  • mouseandkeyinput
  • mpaslex
  • opengl - A windowed-control which provides an OpenGL surface
  • paradox - Database support for Paradox files.
  • plotfunction
  • prettyformat
  • prettymessages
  • printers
  • projecttemplates
  • rtticontrols
  • rx
  • sdf - CSV (delimited text) dataset support
  • simpleideintf
  • sqldb - SQL database support
  • sqlite
  • synedit - SynEdit is an advanced multi-line edit control, which is integrated into the Lazarus.
  • synunihighlighter
  • tachart - charting component
  • tdbf - Database support for DBase/Foxpro/Visual Foxpro .dbf files. See also Lazarus_Tdbf_Tutorial
  • todolist
  • turbopower_ipro

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