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MDButtonsBar (TMultiDocButtonsBar) is a very small component, derived from TPanel, for help you in MDI Applications, using MultiDoc component.

Screen Shot



Júnior Gonçalves




The component and a demonstration program can be found on the Lazarus CCR SourceForge site or on My Geocities Web-Site.

Change Log

  • Version 0.1 2006/03/16 First beta release.

Dependencies / System Requirements

This component requires the MultiDoc Component.

It is supposed to work on all the Lazarus platforms without change.

Tested only in Win2k.


  • Compile and install tmdbuttonsbar.lpk
  • Open the example demo/demomultidoc.lpi

This example can be used as a skeleton for a new application (this is an "advanced" example of demo of MultiDoc).


At design time:

  • On the application main form place a TMultiDoc.
  • Create a child form with a main TPanel.
  • Put all the object you want for the child to the panel, write the event, etc...
  • Do not rely on some TForm event as this form is never show.
  • Add an TMdButtonsBar.
  • Set the HintMinimize, HintRestore, HintMaximize properties.
  • Set the VisibleButtons property.
  • Use events OnCloseClick, OnRestoreClick and OnMinimizeClick to handle the actions in MultiDoc (See Demo)
  • If possible, change MultiDoc package to Register in Palete Page MultiDoc too :-)!

ToDo List

  • Inactive Buttons;
  • Property to change Style MDIButtons (KDE, WinXP...).