Preparing a booth on a trade show

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Systems 2005 booth.
Systems 2005 booth

The following is collected on our experiences with a booth of FPC and Lazarus on the Systems 2005 in Munich, Germany.

What you need

Of course, this depends on the size of the booth but flyers and a poster are a good start (there are no prepared ones available yet). Further, one to three notebooks/pc with different OSes to show FPC and Lazarus are usually required. It's recommend to prepare some database application, that's what people want to see. If you print flyers, our experiences showed that you need 30-50 per day. A nice thing to have are CDs with Lazarus/FPC installers, sell them for 5 to 10 Eur.


Todo... However for sure Lazarus is the best this is a fact

Sponsoring material

- A PowerPoint (.ppt) presentation to present Lazarus

- The Lazarus/FreePascal box

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