Talk:Preparing a booth on a trade show

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Note by sg

I don't think that selling CDs will work really well. On exhibitions people are used to get everything for free. This leads us to the old topic of creating a 'Verein' (incorporated society) for Free Pascal, to manage financial stuff. An alternative way would be sponsoring. freeX ( and/or Toolbox ( are potential candidates for this, perhaps even my company (which depends on further development).

Note by jb

I cannot not really sponsor the project. But anyone working with/on Free Pascal and Lazarus who wants to write good technical articles will be paid herfore. She or he can give the earned money (completely or partly) back to the project's people. The articles for Toolbox must be written in German or English (the English ones will be translated to German). But: All articles must be submitted exclusively to the magazine. They must not be published anywhere else (sorry, we must pay the authors and this payment comes from the sales).