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Syntax highlighting is a feature which displays text in different colors and fonts according to the category of terms. It is the feature of text editors that are used for programming (source code), scripting, markup languages (HTML, JSON, or XML), or configuration files (LFM, or Ini-files).


program Project1;

  text = 'Press any key to continue!';
  { Computer programmers historically used 'Press any key to continue' as
    a prompt to the user when it was necessary to pause processing.
    The system would resume after the user pressed any keyboard button. }

In the Pascal example, the editor has recognized the keywords program, const, begin, and end. The comment is also highlighted in a specific manner to distinguish it from working code.


Icon Component Description
tsynpassyn.png TSynPasSyn Generic Pascal syntax-highlighting
tsynfreepascalsyn.png TSynFreePascalSyn Free-Pascal syntax-highlighting
tsyncppsyn.png TSynCppSyn C++ syntax-highlighting
tsynjavasyn.png TSynJavaSyn Java syntax-highlighting
tsynperlsyn.png TSynPerlSyn perl syntax-highlighting
tsynhtmlsyn.png TSynHTMLSyn HTML syntax-highlighting
tsynxmlsyn.png TSynXMLSyn XML syntax-highlighting
tsynlfmsyn.png TSynLFMSyn LFM syntax-highlighting
tsyndiffsyn.png TSynDiffSyn
tsynunixshellscriptsyn.png TSynUNIXShellScriptSyn Unix shell syntax-highlighting
tsyncsssyn.png TSynCssSyn CSS syntax-highlighting
tsynphpsyn.png TSynPHPSyn PHP syntax-highlighting
tsyntexsyn.png TSynTeXSyn (La)TeX syntax-highlighting
tsynsqlsyn.png TSynSQLSyn SQL syntax-highlighting
tsynpythonsyn.png TSynPythonSyn Python syntax-highlighting
tsynvbsyn.png TSynVBSyn Visual Basic syntax-highlighting
tsynanysyn.png TSynAnySyn
tsynmultisyn.png TSynMultiSyn
tsynbatsyn.png TSynBatSyn Batch-file syntax-highlighting
tsyninisyn.png TSynIniSyn INI-file syntax-highlighting
tsynposyn.png TSynPoSyn