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Free Pascal supports compiler directives in the source file. Basically the same directives as in Turbo Pascal, Delphi and Apple Pascal (Mac OS) pascal compilers are supported. Some are recognized for compatibility only, and have no effect.




Code generation

Data inclusion



Novell NetWare only

Palm OS and Garnet OS only

  • {$appID} defines four-character application identifier
  • {$appName} determines the name of the application

Windows-based systems

  • {$imageBase} specifies DLL image base location
  • {$minStackSize}
  • {$maxStackSize}
  • {$setPEFlags}
  • {$version} defines version number of a DLL


Compile-time data


  • {$description}: introduced for compatibility and as of FPC 3.0.4 ignored
  • {$G} would generate 80286 code with TP
  • {$localSymbols} or {$L}
  • {$N} (numeric processing)
  • {$O} enabled level 2 optimizations. It is not recognized anymore since FPC 2.0.0. Use {$optimization} instead.
  • {$weakPackageUnit}

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