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This page contains the revisions to be merged from trunk to the Lazarus 1.0 fixes branch.

Release notes can be found here Release notes

Fixes for 1.2

See Lazarus 1.2 fixes branch

Fixes for 1.0.15 (fixes branch only / no further release planned)

Merge requests

Submitted by developer / committer

Submitted by others

Merged revisions for 1.0.15

  • r00000 Please apply patch in mantis #25357 instead. Sqldb: enabled TSQLDBLibraryLoader, TPQEventMonitor, TFBEventMonitor and TFBAdmin for FPC 2.6.3
  • r43472, mantis #25350: [Patch] TSQLScript database sample program
  • r43486 SourceEditor: added nil check for top-info
  • r43604 Components, SQLdb: added TMySQL56Connection (bug 25430), unified MySQL icons text (Arial, 11, red/$FF0000, Gimp)
  • r43616 Components, SQLdb: enabled TMySQL56Connection for FPC 2.6.3 and higher (bug 25471)
  • r43614 SynEdit: pas highlighter improve handling "otherwise" in case ... of
  • r43551 SynEdit: test, fix for big/little-endian, part of issue 0023703 , patch by Mark Morgan Lloyd
  • r44004 Debugger: Fixed potential crash with writing (system.move) to empty string

Fixes for 1.0.14 (Merged)

r42419 DebuggerSet LANG env, to prevent localisation of gdb
r42435 Debuggerforce exit, on destroy.
r42450 DebuggerEnsure queue lock during gdb communications (possible race condition)
r42495 DebuggerFilenames (for line-info) must be case-sensitive
r42542 DebuggerDo not crash IDE, if gdb.exe is invalid
r42641 Debuggerfixed getting callstack (could go into an endless loop)
r42643 Debuggerfixed crash in callstack (when stop debugging while waiting for stack info)
r42664 Debuggercallstack, fix goto source, if viewing bottom of large stack (viewing from startindex > 1)
r42667 Debuggerlock queue while handling breakpoint
r42734 Debugger, IDEFix Debugger locking in SourceEdit (protect SynEdit during Paintlock). Calls were unbalanced if method was recursively invoked.
r42931 DebuggerOptions, disable add/remove buttons on signal opts. Not implemented
r42932 DebuggerOptions, mark project as modified, when exceptions are enabled/disabled. Issue #25074
r42988 DebuggerSpelling
r42989 Debuggerfix disassembler, check if offset can be used
r43189 DebuggerFix handling of single quote in strings returned by gdb
r43197 DebuggerFix handling of backslash in strings returned by gdb (used for classname resolving)
r43240 DebuggerTry filename in app bundle for newer gdb
r43255 Debuggerparse version / mac file encoding depends on version
r43304 Debuggerfix adding watch via dialog. Open watch view window
r43329 DebuggerFix mem leak in disassembler
r43364 Debuggerprevent messing up the environment on windows, due to gdb bug (gdb not setting debuggee environment) / introduced in rev 42419
r42563 IDEclean up build files: omit packages that are compiled "manually"
r42655 IDEpackage editor: enable compile button: check if there are commands
r42746 IDEinitial setup dialog: translate captions and lcl
r37583 LCL, dbgridfix backspace on editing number fields, from Aleksey Lagunov, issue 21584
r39124 LCL, DBGridworkaround for datasets(?).filtered wrong behaviour, from Luiz Americo, issue 22304
r42539 LCLEditBtn, Change name of parameter Action into Accept in TAcceptValueEvent. Resolves issue 0024906.
r42548,​r42550,​r42557,​r42558,​r42568LCLAttempt to fix TabControl extra spacing (w32) issue 0023069
r42549 LCLfix TabControl TabPosition and MultiLine issue
r42559 LCLfix TabControl invalidation
r42560 LCLTabControl forward style
r42561 LCLTabControl fix borderwidth initialization
r42565 LCLTabControl fix paint border
r42567 LCLfix TabControl spacing / qt
r42654 LCLfixed OpenURL if URL is invalid, bug 24958
r42703 LCLTWinControl.ChildSizing with controlstyle csAutoSize0x0, bug 24986
r42712 LCLfixed GetDesignerForm outside IDE
r42455 Qtfixed focus policy of TQtTabWidget. issue 23238
r42628 Qtdo not crash in TQtPage if parent is TTabControl
r42629 Qtreturn clBackground as default color for TPanel. issue 24946
r42630 Qtshow icons on menus if menuitem.bitmap is assigned and there's no imagelist.issue 24770
r42633 QTPageControl: check if page or tab control
r42677 Qtfixed TPageControl ActivePageIndex.issue 24972
r42722 Qtuse new SlotAboutToShow() to send LM_ACTIVATE to TMenu, instead of using QEventShowToParent. issue 24979
r42905 QtTQtComboBox fix for call IntfGetItems when we are non-editable combobox.
r42906 Qtcall OnDropDown imediatelly after IntfGetItems, so our events are in expected order and there's no disturbing of QListWidget while showing.issue 25032
r42940 Qtfixed TQtCheckListBox double click event duplication.Issue #25089
r42941 Qtchange current row of TQtCheckListBox for Qt >= 4.8 since it does not change ItemIndex when checkbox is clicked.
r42521 SourceSynEdittop-info hint and scrolling, calculate the correct amount of top lines
r42507 StartLazarusFix finding PCP, if it contains spaces.
r42425 SynEditdo not crash the IDE, when failing to read config
r42701 SynEditAutoComplete, fix GetPreviousToken use Logical pos
r43342 SynEditPas HighLighter, recognize new &keyword for identifier style
r42511,​r42512 Win-InstallerChanged image

Fixes for 1.0.12 (Merged)

r41843codetoolson variable only valid in the on block, bug 24494
r42358DebuggerFix IDE does not end debugger state (processdebugger / dbg=none), if exe can not be started. issue 0024809
r41826IDEenvironment option single taskbar button apply after change, bug 24623
r42330IDE ctrl+enter: stop at spaces only if no quotes in front, bug 24042
r42426IDEsave session, changin folding in editor marks session as changed
r41772Gtk2fixed itemheight with lbOwnerDrawFixed style of listbox. issue 24629
r42033,​r42103,​r42135LCLTTextStrings: fixed TTextStrings.Insert, bug 24718
r41502,​r41510,​r41572LCLreset hintwindow region after color change
r42086LCLTSpeedButton: do not eat DialogChar when disabled, bug 24742
r41771LCLfixed AV on TCheckListBox when key space is pressed to check/uncheck item, and itemindex=-1. issue 24627
r42306LCLgetmousecapture: check if handleallocated, reducing overhead and fixing crash on carbon
r39922LCLadded capfHasScrollOffset into ControlAtPos in WMContextMenu so offset is ok when control is inside scrolled control. issue 23584
r37787LCLdbctrls.pp: Publish BorderStyle and CharCase for TDBComboBox. Issue 22295, patch from LacaK
r42283LCL, docsbuild_lcl_docs: add --css-file parameter for setting chm css files (Issue 0024823)
r42011,​42013,​r42016,​r42018,​r42020,​r42022,​r42029LCLmade codepage conversion 852,874,1250,1251,1252,1253,1255,1257,1258 to UTF8 and back lossless
r42268LCLTMaskList: Don't split masks on space (Issue 0024771).
r42066ShellTreeViewPublish draw events of ShellTreeView (Issue 0024732)
r41717SourceSynEditfix scrolling with top-info hint. Issue 0024505
r42193SynEditpas highlighter: fixed "packed class"
r37377SynEditMouse Selection and scroll-by-wheel. Issue 0022072, 22090
r41769TAChartDo not fill polylines in SVG export. Fixes 23982
r39620TSelectDirectoryDialogalso show editbox for directory selection. Issue 23521
r42123TCustomTreeViewuse Utf8CompareStr for default sorting instead of AnsiCompareStr (Issue 0024740).
r42197ValEdituse Strings.NameValueSeparator instead of hardcoded '=' (Issue 0024779)
r42205ValEditfix crash in TValueListEditor.AdjustColumnWidths (Issue 0024779)
r42319ValEditfix crash in TValueListEditor.AdjustColumnWidths when resizing a parent form. (Issue 24827)
r39144,​r42418SqlDbAllow compiling SQLite3 components on Win64 version of Lazarus. Issue 22951
r41291Qtfixed LCLIntf.Frame3D. When FillBrush isn't filled then draw shaded box without brush (applies painter brush).issue 24445
r41475Qtfixed problem with TCustomPanel.Color, when panel is painted via Frame3d.Problem raised with r41291 while fixing 24445
r41739Qtreturn correct lfHeight inside TQtWidgetSet.GetObject. issue 24613

Fixes for 1.0.10 (Merged)

r40581 codetoolsfpc source scores: unit fileinfo on target non wince, bug [24070]
r41481 codetoolsremoved old fpc 1.0 defines, biting 2.7.1 sources
r40543 DBGridsfix crash in PrepareCellHints when DataLink is not Active (issue [0024028]).
r41240 Debuggerutf8 content for event-log (warnings/OutputDebugString). Issue [24353]
r41233,​r41260,​r41265,​r41266,​r41270,​r41273,​r41275,​r41279,​r41293DebuggerImproved shortstring detection. strings with utf8 content in locals and some in watches
r41298 Debuggermore utf8 for strings in watches
r38231 IDEitmEditUndo\itmEditRedo is almost always Enabled, even when it is impossible to Undo\Redo in source Editor, issue [22633]
r39405 IDEAutocheck radiobutton when you enter a value in the HeightEdit / WidthEdit, issue [23398]
r40577 IDEtest compiler settings: show message when busy
r40628 IDEfixed showing broken dependencies
r40640 IDEhelp for fpc messages: fixed crash when no help found, search for message file in compiler directories
r40730 IDEproject resource file version: do not set modifie is the same and initialize it after read
r40803 IDE:package editor: extend unit/include path: shorten paths that are not sub directories, bug [24272]
r41130 IDEremove & from key map resourcestrings
r41165 IDEfixed caption Free Pascal in highlighter
r41319 IDEadd example projects to recent menu only once
r40636 IDEIntfregister TBoolPropertyEditor for WordBool, LongBool and QWordBool, needed since fpc 2.6.0
r40728 IDEIntf:TCollectionPropertyEditor: fixed unselecting if owner is freed
r41049 Installer, Winadd French translation. Patch by ChrisF. Issue [24171]
r41057 Installer, Wincleaned up OldInOtherFolder1 string as per ChrisF's comment in bug [24171]
r40562 LCLgtk, fix LazReport designer sometimes presented as a thin vertical or horizontal band that runs from center of screen under gtk2/64-bit, related to issue [21634]
r40778 LCLnavFocusableButtons doesn't work in TDBNavigator, modified patch from Éderson Cássio, issue [24191]
r41501 LCLuse UTF8Length instead of Length on calc dbgrid column field width, from Rumen Gyurov, issue [24491]
r40758 LCLfixed conditionals for default LCLWidgetType
r41373 LCLTTreeView: clear cache when adding node
r41411 LCLprevent change in dbcombobox when autoedit is false. Issue [24207]
r41453 LCLTFilterComboBox: freenotification for ShellListView, bug [24512]
r41477 LCL gtk2fixed AskUser,QuestionDlg escape key result
r40900 LCLMaskEdit: respect AutoSelect if control is masked. Issue [0024311]
r40513 Qtdo not trigger scroll events while calling SetScrollInfo, fix issue 23815
r40563 Qtfixed default text color of QTabBar. issue [23985]
r40956 Qtfixed determination of string content (RightToLeft vs. LeftToRight). issue #24340
r40621,40622, 40625 Qtfixes for buggy xfwm4 window manager under X11
r40993 Qtformatting
r40995 Qtfixed visibility of THintWindow class when virtual desktop is switched or application minimized.issue #24363
r41339 Qtfixed bad behaviour of popup windows under metacity window manager.
r41346 Qtfixed problems with modal and popup windows over modal windows with Mint's Marco window manager (Mate desktop)
r41378 Qtfixed bug with AltGr key handling under windows.We are using winapi directly as workaround for bug in Qt library. issue [23808]
r40764 Qtimplemented getKeyState for caps lock and numlock under x11 and win32 targets
r41347 Qtrework fixes for metacity like wm's. Now marco and gnome shell are mapped as metacity.
r40954 Qtuse QPolygonH to draw poly regions in FillRgn()
r41144 Qtworkaround for Qt lib bug (QStyle) where disabled button doesn't have activated disabled colors palette. issue [24413]
r40723 ShellCtrlsdeclare property ViewStyle of TShellListView as "default vsReport" (issue [0024226]).
r41220,r41222,r41228 SynEditTrim spaces - position only: Do not mark buffer as modified, if pressing space at EOL. Follow up revision 40680
r40545 SynEditFixed gutter resizing. Issue [0023990]
r40680 SynEditfixed trim-space (mode "position only") would corrupt text on certain undo. Issue [24101]
r41046 SynEditFixed folding in "library" code. Issue [0024370]
r37854 SynEditPas Highlighter: recognize {$IFOPT}
r41047 SynEditPas Highlighter: Completed the list of Ifdef, ifopt, elseif directives
r41129 SynEditFixed folding in "label" code. Issue [0024417]
r41340 Translationsreverted Arabic translation to r37531 by request of Mazen Neifer (current Arabic translation maintainer). Reason is poor quality/machine translation, which makes hard to use translated IDE.

Fixes for 1.0.8 (Merged)

Light bulb  Note: This release contains an upgrade of FPC to version 2.6.2. Please read User_Changes_2.6.2
r40143 AggPasFix coordinate calculation in Pixels and Colors properties of TAggFPImage
r40216 AggPasFix TLazIntfImage descriptor for 32-bit pixel format
r40335 codetoolsfixed parsing #0, bug [23906]
r40482 DebuggerFixed range-check on linux. Issue [23993] Patch by C Western
r38476 DesignerUse a record of signed SmallInts to prevent range check errors. Still about issue [22760]
r40371 Gtk2Gtk2WSCustomPanel respect TCustomPanel.Visible property when creating handle. issue [23940]
r40097 IDEprevent debugger from entering invalid state, if started again before completely stopped. For info see issue [0023800]
r40177 IDEfixed restoring designed form when HideIDEWindowsOnRun = true. issue [22535]
r40244 IDEregister HTML help for LCL
r40394 IDE: SourceEditfixed word (word from text, not identifier) completion
r37930 Installer, Winstrip lhelp.exe
r40354 Installer, Winfixed typo
r40127 patch from Giuliano Colla
r40323 LCL, dbgridschecks for keydown while dataset is inactive, issue [23598]
r37446 LCL, grids+gtk2when pressing somekeys like shift introduces '?' in cell, relaed to issue [22056] (fixes issue [23924])
r36934 LCL, UtilsDon't HTML-escape spaces in OpenURL, it breaks OpenDocument()
r37995 LCLPrevent an error with Pg Up/Down in DbGrid on empty Dataset. Issue [22474], patch from Stefano
r40364 LCLRevert Changes from 31132 (and partly 31577) which replaced TGraphicControl.Update by Invalidate
r40541 LCL: gtk2fixed registering callback LM_CONTEXTMENU for TCustomControl
r40180 Qtkeep state of forms hidden from taskbar under X11. Fixes issue [23825].
r40353 Qtfixed item caption in TListView vsIcon style. patch by DCelso. issue [23879]
r40370 Qtshow images when with TListView.vsIcon style when we have more > 1 column. issue [23923]
r40219 SynEditSeparator-Gutter, fixed painting
r40087 TAChartCall inherited constructor from TBGRABitmapDrawer.Create
r40090 TAChartCall inherited constructor from TSVGDrawer.Create
r40110 TAChartFix chart margins calculation for axises with ZPosition > 0
r40112 TAChartFix SIGFPE while drawing very narrow slices in 3D pie chart
r40136 TAChartWorkaround for range check when using TFitSeries with more than 20000 points. See also issue [23816].
r39659 ValEditadd ItemProps to ValueListEditor
r39813 ValEditimplement method TValueListEditor.InsertRow
r39818 ValEditMake button and picklist cell editors work in TValueListEditor
r40193 ValeditFix a bug in ValueListEditor when reading / writing value by key (Values['Key'])
r40194 ValEditfree TValueListStrings.FItemProps in TValueListStrings.Destroy (issue [0023841])
r40195 Valeditdelete also ItemProps when deleting strings
r40197 Valeditalso release the memory of the TValueListStrings.FItemProps array itself, not only the items
r40204 ValEditfix not updating active cell contents when changing Strings property
r40209 ValEditFix FItemProps getting out of sync with Strings (issue [0023851])
r40224 ValEditRemove unnecessary calls to Changing and Changed in overridden methods
r40225 ValEditFix bug in SetOptions
r40227 ValEditremove unused redeclared OnEditButtonClick property
r40242 ValEditPublish On(Edit)ButtonClick
r40253 ValEditdon't hide/show editor inside TValueListStrings.Put
r40282 ValEditFix not updating cell in TValueListStrings.Put when goAlwaysShowEditor in Options (issue [0023875])
r40294 ValEditRefactoring. Store ItemProps in TFPObjectList
r40295 ValEditImplement CustomSort so it keeps ItemProps in sync
r40296 ValEditUpdate Modified when Strings are changed
r40297 ValEditdo not store '=' in Strings if "key" and "value" cell is empty
r40298 ValEditIgnore epmty cells when validating
r40299 ValEditRemove unneeded overridden SetTextStr
r40333 ValEditFix not updating cell in TValueListStrings.Exchange when goAlwaysShowEditor in Options
r40339 ValEditRename some private fields to improve readability and avoid ugly constructs like FOwner.FOwner
r40358 ValEditfix strange focus swapping
r40226 ValEdit: Refactoringremove SelectValueEditor and override SelectEditor instead
r40319 ValEdit: TValueListStrings.AssignAssign also ItemProps if Source is TValueListStrings
r40329 ValEdit: TValueListStrings.GetItemPropreturn nil when strings are updating

Fixes for 1.0.6 (Merged)

r39516 Carbonreapply brush and pen after the DC restore
r39559,r39560 Codetoolsfixed TEventsCodeTool.FindMethodTypeInfo when type is an alias
r39449 DebuggerFixed eval of watches with class-typecase and dyn-array (stabs only)
r39548,r39549 Gtk2fixed changing of font color on GtkCheckBox. issue [23373]
r39652 Gtk2fixed keeping of SelStart() and SelLength().issue [23219]
r39986 IDE, SourceEditorInvalidate, if top-info-hint changes
r37935 IDEKeymap: missing entries for select+cursor-keys
r39461 IDEextract proc: stop if identifier is invalid
r39575 IDEfind prompt: shorten texts
r39626 IDEcheck Project1 in UpdateHighlighters, bug [23529]
r40033, r40037 IDEprevent a crash in designer "Change Class" if new name does not exist / designer: change class dlg: disable ok button
r39468 Installer, WinDisplay info while installing
r36994 LazReportpublished property KeepAspect and Centered for Picture Object
r36995 LazReportpublished WordBreak property on Memo object plus some refactoring
r38353 LazReportavoid duplicated export filters
r38952 LazReporttwo additional export filters - TfrImageExportFilter, TfrHtmlDivExportFilter, from Michel Gawrycki
r39364 Lazreportclip image when it's bigger than picture object and not stretched
r39365 Lazreportfix off by one error in calculation of PictureView size. This avoids unnecessary stretch whew pictureview size = image size
r39366 Lazreportapply scale when drawing not stretched image. This fixes the size of image in printed report
r39368 Lazreportcleanup. remove unused code in TfrPictureView.Draw
r39477 LazReportfix moving/resizing objects when using keyboard under QT (and carbon), Patch from Julio Jiménez Borreguero, issue [23435]
r39519 LazReportfix PreviousClipRgn on image drawing, was not valid and it worked fine by coincidence
r39974 LazReportfix export filters registering multiple filter extensions are listed only once, issue [23759]
r40010 LazReportrenamed argument to really check for matching classref
r39484 LazUtilsxmlreader: handle non existing property list, bug [23450]
r39441 LCLDon't publish FixedRows in ValueListEditor, allow only 0 or 1. Issue [23430]
r39442 LCLmake ValueListEditor work also when ColumnTitles are not shown.
r39523 LCLadd WM_ACTIVATE to messages.pp
r39654 LCLscroll before updatedata in DBLookup. Issue [23530]
r39887,r39973 LCLUse PopupMenu getter instead of cached FPopupMenu, so GetPopupMenu can be overrided. issue [23336]
r39442 LCL, ValEditmake ValueListEditor work also when ColumnTitles are not shown
r39469 LCL, ValEditoverride TValueListStrings.SetTextStr: Don't show editor while changing values. Edited cell would not be changed.
r39491 LCL, ValEditStart implementing validating: don't accept duplicate Key names.
r39495 LCL, ValEditFix crash in TValueListEditor.ShowColumnTitles when TitleCaptions.Count = 1
r39496 LCL, ValEditOnly allow FixedCols := 0 or 1
r39552 LCL, ValEditDo not use Columns.Add, it interferes with setting FixedCols := 1 (by adding an extra column in front).
r39553 LCL, ValEditImplement TValueListEditor.AdjustColumnWidths and override OnDoResize.
r38935 Qtfixed range check errors under 64bit
r39625 Qtfixed events when month and year are changed in TCalendar. issue [23528]
r39838 Qtfixed getClientBounds for TQtPage and TQtGroupBox. It should use QWidget_contentsRect() of underlaying widget or parent. issue [23630]
r39839 Qtreverted TQtPage.getClientBounds to use TQtWidget.getClientBounds, it wasn't good solution since it produces a mess in eg. in build lazarus form.
r39840 Qtfixed topmargin of groupbox when caption text is empty. issue [23642]
r39841 Qtmake LCL happy when changing caption of groupbox from empty to some string or viceversa.part of [23642]
r39878 Qtfixed SetCapture() and GetCapture() for TQtCustomControl on qtwin32 targets
r39892 Qtfixed preffered size of autosized groupboxes. issue [23351]
r40025 Qttrial to fix Qt bug when dialog is shown with QtTool as parent. issue [23778]
r39618 readmesupdates
r39391,r39394 SynEditFixed , make TAction regard ReadOnly state
r39409 SynEditLineOverviewGutter, do not cause overflow error on 64 bit
r39518 SynEditfix highlighting "i6", introduced in r32695
r39540 SynEditFix problems with resizing GutterParts. (Noticeable in right gutter)
r39606 SynEditFixed Matching bracket, for very long lines. Issue [0023517]
r39686 SynEditFoldHighlighter (Html, XML): fix invalid fold node on last line. Issue [0023543]
r39747 SynEditLineNumber-Gutter: update digit-count when setting to visible (Digits where cut off)
r36955 TAChartAdd TChart.IsZoomed property
r39599 TAChartHide legend if exception happened while attempting to fill it
r39703 TAChartCopy HorizSize and VertSize in TSeriesPointer.Assign
r39705 TAChartFix SIGFPE while drawing mark labels for series with NaNs
r39821 TAChartFix exception on destroying clones series
r39854 TAChartSet TChartTool.Chart = nil after calling OnAfterXXX event, not before
r39861 TAChartFix SIGFPE in TChartSeries.Add when the last data item is NaN
r39930 TAChartForce recalculation of the full extent for linked charts
r39931 TAChartFix TBoxAndWhiskerSeries.Assign to correctly assign class properties
r40042 TAChartMake TChartDataItem advanced record instead of object to reduce memory footprint
r40043 TAChartFix drawing of line series with number of points above 1000000
r40048 TAChartCall inherited constructor from TCanvasDrawer.Create

Fixes for 1.0.4 (Merged)

r39177 Customdrawnmake timer related functions 64-bit safe (fixes similar to r39164), patch from bug [23052] by lks
r39280 DebuggerInspect-Dialog, prevent crash, due to nested updates
r39285 DebuggerDo not treat "&" as accel-char when displaying exceptions. Issue [0023321]
r39290 DebuggerFix updating Inspect dialog, if triggered via source-editor (pop-up menu)
r39333 DebuggerFix range check in disassembler (64 bit debuggee). Issue [0023355]
r39042 DebuggerDisable "run to cursor" when debugger is stopped. This command is limited to the current frame (function). It can not be used to start a project. (also disable dcJumpTo, dcStepOut)
r39131 Debuggerfixed an endless loop in watch eval (eval typecast pointer to record)
r39030 Gtk2fixed TGtk2WSCustomListView.GetDisplayRect, also fixed cell renderer which sent wrong item id to owner drawn list view.issue [23094]
r39032 Gtk2do not render listbox item by default if we are customdrawn. issue [23093]
r39033 Gtk2fixed crash with TListView introduced with r39032.
r39034 Gtk2LineTo and MoveToEx must take hdc offset into account.issue [23057]
r39035 Gtk2fixed assertion from gtk2 library. issue [23099]
r39036 Gtk2do not apply devctx offset into penPos, regression of r39034.issue [23057]
r39037 Gtk2completely fixed LineTo() and MoveToEx() regressions from r39034
r39043 Gtk2fixed clientRect of GtkTreeView, new routine GetWidgetClientRect() in gtk2proc to simplify gtk2winapi, fixed offset for custom drawn listview.
r39147 Gtk2use better approach for RecreateWnd in TGtk2WSCustomListView, fix rendering of icon view. issue [23171]
r39148 Gtk2added TGtk2DeviceContext class as deprecated. part of issue [23168]
r39162 Gtk2fixed cursor position behaviour on GtkEntry focus/unfocus. issues [21897], [23182].
r39217 Gtk2remember selection when edit looses focus.Also preselect test when AutoSelect is true.Patch by Fabrizio Fellini modified by me for autoselect rule. fixes issues [23219], [23246] (regression).
r39220, r39221 Gtk2check if scrollbar handle is allocated when setting params.
r39229 Gtk2trial to fix freezing of TFloatSpinEdit when we don't use clocale unit since gtk2 takes info from $LANG and our DecimalSeparator could be different. issue [23190]
r39308 gtk2register TGtk2WSScrollBar to TCustomScrollBar instead of TScrollBar. Fixes [23200]
r39326 Gtk2fixed offset in Gtk2 polygon drawer. issue [23359]
r39327 Gtk2correct fix for issue [23359]
r39371 Gtk2fixed font color changing on TCheckBox when caption is empty. issue [23373]
r39374 IDE Hint: Fix malformated hints, if text has ampersand. or <,... Issue [0023320] Patch by Bart Broersma
r39295 IDE rename identifier: stop on invalid identifier
r38411 IDEremoved compiler option for switch -vm
r39057 IDEinvalidate file state cache on rename/copy interactive. Issue [23073]
r39291 IDEinitial setup dlg: invalidate file state cache when user comes back from another application
r39101 IDE SourceEditor: Use selection as default search only if caret is in/at selection (persistent selection)
r39276 IDESourceEditor: Fix asking "Save file", if only 1 tab is open in 2ndary window. Issue [0023312]
r39282 IDESourceEditor: Fixed crash when closing last tab (via ctrl F4) while code-completion was active. Issue [0023317]
r39324 Installer, WinAdd Spanish translation. Issue [0023087]
r39331 Installer, WinAdded publisher, and explicit uninstall icon. Issue [0021750]
r39049 Jedi Code FormatLocate the parse tree window better. Issue [22777]
r37314 LazReport added TlrCodeReport component and sample, it makes reports at runtime with an easy to use api and it doesn't need the report designer, with small changes, from Julio Jimenez Borreguero
r37320 LazReport removed testcodereport session file
r37321 LazReportlrcodereport: version is 1.0, updated icon, cleanup, first page is now programmers responsability, sample update to export to pdf, from Julio Jimenez Borreguero
r37381 LazReportlrcodereport: fix problem with slow generation of pages on second batch, sample now ask for target pdf filename, from Julio Jimenez Borreguero
r37393 LazReportlrcodereport: addded accessory SetFont, frm Julio Jimenez Borreguero
r37404 LazReport pdfexport, improves exported page sizes, from Julio Jimenez Borreguero
r37414 LazReport fix lrcodereport compile on windows, issue [22058]
r37420 LazReport enable text rotation in pdfexport, from Julio Jimenez Borreguero
r39010 LazReport fix barcode sample crash, remove console window (on windows), issue [23086]
r39231 LazReport fix right alignment text on export to PDF, from Tony Whyman, issue [23138]
r39232 LazReport Right Justified text incorrectly aligned on printer, from Tony Whyman, issue [23135]
r39233 LazReport corrects vertical alignment after tony's patches and improve precision on exporting to pdf, from Julio Jiménez Borreguero
r39238 LazReport fix PDF export filter not centering images properly, issue [23236]
r39239 LazReport Report Designer crashes with Access Violation on Insert DB Field (TFrame related issue), from Tony Whyman, issue [23205]
r39240 LazReport stop designer from processing ContextMenu default action, fix unable to close form designer, issue [23248]
r39242 LazReport pdfexport addon now requires powerpdf v0.9.9
r39243 LazReport fix report designer do no update properly when compiled for Qt, From Julio Jiménez Borreguero, issue [23211]
r39250 LazReport fix exported image size in case is not proportional and stretched
r39251 LazReport fix text clipping on exported to PDF report, from Julio Jiménez Borreguero
r39278 LazReport fix loading previously saved binary reports on preview window
r39284 LazReport fix incorrect scaling of unstretched images on PDF export, PDF export addon now requires PowerPDF 0.9.10, issue [23326]
r39031 LCLTCustomListView, use drBounds for item measuring when calculating editor bounds. issue [23094]
r39118 LCL dbgrid, check column exists before getting button style, from Tristan Linnell, issue [22873]
r39207 LCLadd missing checks for FControl in TControlBorderSpacing
r39188-r39202 Make DEBFixes and languages for debian installer
r38989 PackagerUse a new component's class name as icon resource name. Issue [23075]
r39078 Qtmark MouseMove and MouseWheel events as input events.
r39087,39090 Qtadded checks for handle after message delivery to lcl in case of input events (mouse) - avoids crashes.
r39106 QtFixed themed drawing of header sections with common style. part of issue [23143]
r39107 QtFixed weird drawing of header sections by oxygen theme.issue [23143]
r39141 Qtfixed crash with hint window inside slotMouseMove. issue [23161]
r39218 Qtfixed TListItem clearing icon. issue [23225].
r39325 Qtfixed tabwidget icon size. issue [23362]
r39038 SynEditMissing invalidation in Log/Phys Converter.
r39039 SynEditMake sure selection Markup is not hidden by Syncro (or other plugins)
r39098 SynEditfix Gutter streaming to LFM
r39361 SynEditFixed StatusChanged Handler repeatedly called with old values. Issue [0023377]
r39367, r39387SynEditLineOverviewGutter, fix updating after lines inserted/removed. Issue [0022848]
r39372 SynEditFixed case-insensitive search/replace regex. Issue [0023078]
r39390 SynEditFixed do not copy/paste with middle mouse, if SynEdit is readonly. Issue [0023392]
r38985 TAChartDo not draw TColorMapSeries over left and top borders
r38992 TAChartAdd TChartAxis.MarginsForMarks property lets user turn off an 1.0 feature which was sometimes undesirable
r39026 TAChartAdd TChartAxisTitle.PositionOnMarks property lets user turn off an 1.0 feature which was sometimes undesirable
r39067 TAChartDo not draw 2-d series over the chart frame
r39068 TAChartRevert r38985, since a more general fix is implemented in r39067
r39070 TAChartMove GetBounds procedure from TBasicChartSeries to TCustomChartSeries
r39071 TAChartIgnore infinite series extent when calculating graph bounds
r39072 TAChartFix SIGFPE while drawing area series with infinite Y values
r39076 TAChartCopy properties in TChartLegend.Assign
r39129 TAChartMeasure ZeroLevel in axis units when considering it for label direction
r39130 TAChartFix mark positions for bar series with BarOffsetPercent <> 0
r39341 TAChartFix exception when using TChartNavScrollBar under Qt
r39351 TAChartCall Handled after extent restoration in TZoomDragTool
r39376 TAChartStart TDateTimeIntervalChartSource intervals from the beginning of month/year
r39377 TAChartUpdate chart upon changes to interval source properties
r39164 win32add 64bit safe version of callback and timer functions. Issue [23052]
r39165 win32replace TList by TFpList (FTimerData)
r39166 win32add stdcall to recently added timer functions

It is possible that a revision is not listed here, even if it was merged. Please inspect the SVN log for more information.

Fixes for 1.0.2 (Merged)

r38551,​r38552,​r38562,​r38563Carbonvarious winapi compatibility functions fixes
r38671 Carbonfix accidental error in index
r38743 Carbonreimplement linear gradient draw using shading to support OS X < 10.5
r38529,​r38530,​r38535,​r38543,​r38548carbonfix carbon clipping, correctly return region types on HRGN related operations, fix generic IntersectClipRect routine
r38640,​r38641,​r38642,​r38649Carbon, Cocoavarious ExtTextOut fixes for Carbon and Cocoa
r38922 DebuggerFix setting stackframe for hint eval, after searching for highest source-frame.
r38509 DebuggerEnsure Queue is not blocked by LineInfo Request. (If a LineInfoRequest was queued the DebuggerCurrentLine could not search the stack, as commands were not immediately run)
r38531 DebuggerWorkaround to fix exe-line-indicators (blue dots) at debug start
r38373 Gtk2,Qtmake ETO_OPAQUE work from TCanvas.TextOut(). issue [22719]
r38519 Gtk2fixed crash with TListView when viewstyle is vsIcon or vsSmallIcon. issue [22778]
r38636,​r38637 Gtk2fixed text clipping and text background drawing
r38697,​38698 Gtk2set TToggleBox.ParentColor default false so it's color is consistent with TButton when eg.parent color is clRed and TToggleBox.Color=clDefault.
r38727,​r38728,​r38742,​r38744,​r38745,​r38748gtk2fix clipping and DC transformations
r38747 gtk2fix FrameRect - it must use a passed brush instead of selected one
r38758 gtk2allocate GdkColor when we need a BkColor
r38762 Gtk2when style is drawing button then use style from button. issue [22901]
r38799 gtk2implement SPI_GETWHEELSCROLLLINES. Fix a regression in VirtualTreeView wheel scroll
r38860 Gtk2do not change color of TScrollBar since it's painted by theme engine.issue [22996].
r38868,​38875 Gtk2fixed crash with GtkIconView when multiselect is enabled and dbl clicked. issue [22991]
r38892 Gtk2fixed TIconArrangement of GtkListView.
r38895 Gtk2send LVIS_FOCUSED for listview. issue [23014]
r38896 Gtk2fixed crash in GtkIconView by unref GtkColumn which isn't GtkObject.
r38897 Gtk2implemented TGtk2CustomListView.ItemDisplayRect and editor for vsIconView, vsSmallIcon.issue [23015]
r38899 Gtk2fixed few memleaks with PGList in TGtk2ListView.
r38426 IDECodeBrowser check for virtual units. Issue [0022740]
r38437 IDEproject target: apply default extension even if the file has already an extension, issue [22750]
r37398 IDEcorrected version info language list, added Ukrainian language, bug [22103]
r38507 IDEEditorOpts: default for top-info-hint
r38444 IDEfixed crash when releasing non existing component palette select button
r38722 IDEadded Lithuanian to version info language list, bug [22898]
r36887 LazReportfix preview scrolling broken in r36420, issue [21633]
r36909 LazReportnow fix preview scrolling in windows, broken in r36887
r38486 LCLavglvltree: setcompare set when count=0
r38720 LCLDefaultTranslator: fix handling of non-ASCII path to .po file, bug [22907], patch by Vladimir Zhirov
r38769-r38772 LCL, gtk2, carbonfull implementation of GradientFill
r38396 LCLColorBox - keep FSelected in sync all the time. fixes issue [22729]
r38802 LCLrevert 33020, 33082, 33086, part of 33089 and 33389. These changes made the hint behavior Delphi incompatible thus leading to a regression in third party control like VirtualTreeView that handles hints in CMHintShow. Retrieve parent hint recursively if hintcontrol.hint is empty' (delphi compatible)
r38927 LCLcheck for csDestroying in Parent before calling SetLastFocusedControl in TCustomForm.SetFocusedControl. Not doing this check can expose fpc bug [23031] leading to a crash.
r38572 Qtpropagate QEvent:ShortcutOverride to parent, so stop key event if shortcut is executed. issue [22827]
r37075 Qtfixed behaviour of messageDlg (PromptUser()) to return mrCancel always when Escape key is pressed or close btn clicked.issue [21885]
r37217,​37218,​37225,​37239,​37241,​37293,​37304,​37316Qtfixed keys handling (arrow keys & enter).
r37857 Qthide statusbar panels with width 0. issue [22362]
r37862 Qthide statusbar panel only when width is 0, do not count any margin.issue [22362]
r38148 Qtallow showin modal form with borderStyle=bsNone. issue [22568]
r38149 Qtallow edit of combobox with style csSimple. issue [22528]
r38320 Qtfixed clearing of icon in tab.part of issue [22618]
r38326 Qtfixed modal behaviour of borderless forms.issue [22568]
r38332 Qtdo not set popup parent for borderless forms (for popup forms) if TCustomForm.Parent (embedded form) is assigned.
r38365,​38366,​38367,​38368,​38369Qtfix for qt richtext parser, refactored viewport event mouse move. issue [22715]
r38518 QtTQtWinApi.ExtTextOut() implemented Dx param. issue [22795] (zeljko will merge, need some testing)
r38520 Qtdo not propagate keyrelease event as action trigger. issue [22737]
r38533 Qtfixed header offset and getClientRect for TListView when ViewStyle=vsReport.
r38576,​38577 Qtfixed TQtWidgetSet.FrameRect(), now it uses passed brush to draw frame border.
r38610 Qtfixed non ascii utf8 chars in TQtWidgetSet.ExtTextOut() when we use dx param. issue [22795] (depends on merging of r38518).
r38628,​38629,​38630,​38634 Qtfixed clipping bugs inside TQtWidgetSet.ExtTextOut()
r38643 QtTQtWidgetSet.ExtTextOut() workaround for Qt-4.8 bug ,now it looks better but some scenarios with ETO_OPAQUE aren't 100% correct yet.
r38644 Qtfixed menu flickering. issue [22872]
r38674 Qtfixed crash when invalid or null handle is passed into SetCapture.
r38679 Qtupdate bitmap if TMenuItem has associated ImageList and ImageIndex. issue [22896]
r38709 Qtimproved triggering of OnClick() in QEventShowToParent. issue [22872]
r38746 Qtfix theme painting for some qt themes - they expect ARect with X, Y = 0
r38826 QtTQtWidgetSet.SetScrollInfo - fixed wrong result, it must return real slider position, not value which might be out of sync with position. This fixes problems with TScrollingWinControl (TControlScrollbar).
r38893 Qtfixed TIconArrangement for TListView vsIcon,vsSmallIcon.
r38894 Qtsend LVIS_FOCUSED for listview. issue [23014]
r38972 Qtadded proper casts for some messages to avoid range checks.
r38428 SynEditMultiHighlighter: fix adding text/sections at EOL. issue [0022745]
r38670 SynEditFixed past eol paint error ** Must be ported by hand **
r38672 SynEditfixed delete-next-word, if caret past eol. Issue [0022890]
r36674 TAChartAdd AddArray, AddNull, AddX and AddY functions to TChartSeries
r38430 TAChartFix out-of-bounds access when drawing empty polygons and polylines
r38464 TAChartFix error message in TFPCanvasDrawer.RadialPie
r38503 TAChartCopy BaseLength in TChartArrow.Assign
r38547 TAChartSupport Y NaNs in polar series (this will cause compilation error -- please remove 'and CloseCircle' part from the last conditional in the TPolarSeries.Draw procedure)
r38557 TAChartSupport brush style, pen style and pen width in fpvectorial drawer
r38571 TAChartDraw chart correctly after decrease of an axis margin
r38584 TAChartCopy Attachment and YIndex in TGenericChartMarks.Assign (this code is in TATypes unit in v1.0)
r38589 TAChartDo not draw lines which should be invisible in OpenGL drawer
r38607 TAChartWorkaround for issue [22850] see patch in the mailing list
r38617 TAChartFix GetNearestPoint returning true with no points found inside radius, issue [22854]
r38651 TAChartFix zero division when calling ImageToGraph before the chart is drawn
r38673 TAChartIgnore NaNs while calculating TCustomChartSource.ValuesTotal
r38675 TAChartSupport Marks.Attachment = maCenter in pie series
r38694 TAChartFix update of TListChartSource.ValuesTotal cache when adding or removing NaNs
r38710 TAChartFix crash when using TChartExtentLink with LinkedChart.Chart = nil
r38712 TAChartFix crash while replacing linked chart in TChartExtentLink
r38713 TAChartUse NumberOr function instead of checking for NaN explicitly
r38719 TAChartExtract TDrawFuncHelper.ForEachPoint helper procedure This also fixes a hang while using data point tool on extremely zoomed-in series
r38729 TAChartExtract TDrawFuncHelper.XRange helper function. + Fix GetNearestPoint for rotated function series.
r38733 TAChartFix TChartSeries.SetColor to notify all listeners and require ListSource. Add TListChartSource.SetColor
r38735 TAChartFix memory leak in TDbChartSource.BeforeDraw
r38737 TAChartFix drawing of pie series with data from the db source
r38754 TAChartFix hang when changing TLineSeries.ShowPoints while drawing chart
r38757 TAChartDisplay crosshair tool on mouse down
r38779 TAChartDo not notify from TListChartSource.SetXValue and SetYValue if the value did not actually change.
r38780 TAChartAdd TBasicPointSeries.MovePoint overload for graph coordinates not a fix, but required for r38788
r38788 TAChartSupport axis transformations in TCustomChartSeries.MovePoint
r38792 TAChartFix crash on deleting subcomponent with active property editor
r38811 TAChartAdd IsEquivalent utility function required for r38812
r38812 TAChartFix SIGFPE on TListChartSource.SetXValue(NaN) and SetYValue(NaN)
r38813 TAChartFix TCustomChartSource.FindBounds for the case of extremely large bounds
r38825 TAChartFix drawing of function series with +Infinity in domain exclusions
r38841 TAChartFix inverted Y axis on TChartNavPanel's minimap. Issue [22978]
r38853 TAChartOptimize GetNearestPoint for the case of sorted source and at least linear on X point distance
r38861 TAChartMake sure the previous tool is deactivated before activating a new one
r38862 TAChartFix crash when the tool is activated while zoom animation is in progress
r38863 TAChartFix drawing of out-of-extent function series with +Infinity in domain exclusions.
r38873 TAChartClear brush when drawing line series.
r38981 TAChartFix a call to the "strict protected" function from non-descendant class in TChartMinorAxis.GetAlignment
r38982 TAChartFix out-of-bounds access while drawing TColorMapSeries with empty ColorSource
r38473 testsfixed compilation

It is possible that a revision is not listed here, even if it was merged. Please inspect the SVN log for more information.

Fixes for 1.0 (Merged)

  • r36506 LazReport, fix barcode dialog localization (Jesus)
  • r36508 Updated Japanese translation
  • r36509 Window Column, store pointer to resourcestring
  • r36510 LazReport, fix barcode addin when TfrBarCodeObject is not yet instantiated (in this case barcode editor defaults to memo view.
  • r36511 DividerBevel: implemented Transparent.
  • r36514 IDE: moved macros save/saveall to source editor
  • r36515 IDE: update macro descriptions after translating resource strings
  • r36516 IDE: trim TLazPackageGraph.GetFallbackOutputDir
  • r36517 IDE: check if package needs rebuild: switch to fall back directory: update compiler params
  • r36518 IDE: install/uninstall package dialog: fixed icons, added info about current state
  • r36523,r36530 IDE: Export as HTML
  • r36526 CodeTemplate: Improve final caret pos, if tmpl does not specify
  • r36527 CodeTemplate: allow tab to trigger / selection to ignore. issue [0017631]
  • r36528 SynEdit: Template(Syncro) fix invalidation
  • r36529 IDE: Printing: break long lines. Issue [0013479];
  • r36547 IDE: Printing: break long lines. Fix Utf8. Update for rev 36529
  • r36531 LazReport: fixed buttonpanel localization in BarCode editor dialog
  • r36533 IDE: clean up of unused resourcestrings
  • r36534, r36536, r36553, r36583, r36646 regenerated translations; updated Russian translation
  • r36535 IDE: more clean up of unused resourcestrings
  • r36537 Documents LCLIntf.GetDeviceCaps
  • r36538 IDE: always store lazarus directory
  • r36539 LazReport: uppercase variable before comparing with hardcoded functions. Properly fix to 21624
  • r36543 IDE: setup dialog: using same file resolving as IDE
  • r36546 IDE: consider empty lazarusdirectory as pcp, empty fpcsrcdir as lazdir, empty testdir as lazdir
  • r36548 IDE: fixed note about wrong laz dir
  • r36549 IDE: fixed crash on find identifier references
  • r36551 IDE: translate descriptions of all macros
  • r36552 IDE: fixed editor tab position combobox items localization on Editor/Misc options page
  • r36556,r36557 IDE: warn if upgrading configs
  • r36561, 36562, 36563, 36566: Improve Options/Keymap
  • r36565 LCL: Prevent TShape.stRectangle disappearing with certain Height/Width and Pen.Width values.
  • r36567,r36568,r36569 IDE: show downgrade warning
  • r36570 lazbuild: select IDE build mode, fixed compiling with different mode
  • r36572 LCL: set csCaptureMouse on TToolButton, but don't send click if mouse is out of ttoolbutton on mouseup.issues [19688],[21560]
  • r36574 IDE: fixed saving environment on every change
  • r36577 LCL, TreeView: fix GetNextVisible, GetPrevVisible. Issue [21264]
  • r36575 IDE/Setup dialog: force taskbar button to be shown
  • r36584 IDE: import package list: opendialog
  • r36587 IDE: intial setup: fpc src dir: lazdir/fpc/fpcver/source
  • r36588 IDE: intial setup: fixed if no candidates found
  • r36589,r36590 IDE: compiler file name: search first with macros
  • r36591 IDE: verbose search for candidates
  • r36592 IDE: search fpc src relative to fpc.exe
  • r36594 IDE: check compiler: only run common names
  • r36595,r36599 IDE: use under windows as default for make the make.exe in the compiler directory
  • r36596 IDE,codetools: fixed ppccross,crossppc to ppcross
  • r36601 IDE: unify the 2 filters in KeyMapping window. Prevent a potential crash.
  • r36603 debian: updated patches to latest source in lazarus svn
  • r36608 Gtk2: do not set widget name, it's completelly unnecessary and produce unexpected behaviour if some keywords are in widget name.issue [21661].
  • r36613 SynEdit: Fix an issue with Scrollbars not being updated
  • r36617 lazbuild: build ide: replace exe on windows
  • r36644 IDE: improved 'Export package list' dialog localization
  • r36645 IDE: improved 'Package Graph Explorer' dialog localization
  • r36647,r36653,r36654,r36655,r36656,36668,36673 IDE: view / IDE internal / what needs building
  • r36648,r36650,r36651 IDE: read state file created by Makefile: fix path delimiters, checking compiled state: ignore -v,-i,-B flags, do not skip all -F
  • r36652 IDE: codetools options: shorter caption
  • r36658 regenerated translations; updated Russian translation
  • r36659 LCL: Refactoring. Make TCalculatorDialog.Execute more understandable by removing a "with" block.
  • r36661 LCL: Prevent "Test Dialog" feature of Calculator and Calendar dialogs locking the IDE, issue [21644]
  • r36616 SynEdit: do not include IME for WinCe
  • r36662 LCL: implementation of TCustomImageList.GetIcon()
  • r36663 In GUI strings, unify all 3 dots to have a space before them ( ...)
  • r36664 IDE: Use CreateAbsolutePath when switching between relative/absolute paths in AddFile dialogs (CreateAbsoluteSearchPath gives wrong output)
  • r36665 LCL: publish TUpDown.OnChangingEx
  • r36666 IDE etc.: unify 3 dots in GUI string to have a space ( ...).
  • r36667 translation: german: updates from Swen Heinig
  • r36669 updatemakefiles: write which lpk have conditionals
  • r36670,r36671 IDE,lazbuild: create makefile: use CPPROG instead of COPY to get the current date for Makefile.compiled under Windows
  • r36649,r36657,r36602,r36672,r36675,r36677,r36679,r36683,r36701,r36708,r36709 Makefiles: updated, reduced dependencies, fixed double compiles
  • r36676 LCL: Implement TListItem.EditCaption, issue [20295].
  • r36680,r36699 lazbuild: fixed crash, replaced some MessageDlg with IDEMessageDialog
  • r36681 IDE,lazbuild: use parsed compiler filename, make filename
  • r36682 IDE: debugfilename, debugsearchpath: use same function as other env vars to resolve macros, trim and find
  • r36686,r36688 IDE/lazbuild backup, delete the same lazarus exe on all platforms
  • r36694 regenerated translations; updated Russian translation
  • r36695 LazDataDesktop: regenerated translations; updated Russian translation
  • r36696 IDE: add resource strings for various windows manifest keys
  • r36697 fix ImageList.AddMasked() in case of source image has no mask description
  • r36702 IDE: TProject.TitleIsDefault: check for project+number, fix for renaming the title of a new project
  • r36711 Qt: enable wordwrap on TQtStaticText. issue [21697].
  • r36712 LCL: fixed function result
  • r36713,r36715 lcl: fixed TToolButton.MouseUp X,Y in boundsrect check
  • r36716 LCL, combination of modal form + wsMaximized style produces tiny windows on GTK2, issue [21634]
  • r36717 LCL: reverted changes to menus.pp from r36666 (by Paul's request)
  • r36718 LCL: regenerated translations
  • r36719, *r36826 LCL: fix range check error
  • r36720 LazReport: added option to ignore undefined symbols, from Luiz Americo, issue [21683]
  • r36723,36724 IDE,lazbuild: fixed repeated build project clean: save project state file before compiling too
  • r36727 lazbuild: fixed expanding --lazarusdir
  • r36728 make useride: pass --lazarusdir=.
  • r36729 Improve TStringHashList, prevents a PO file update crash. Issue [21685]
  • r36730 IDE: project wizard: fixed fixed size, bug 21714
  • r36731 lazreport: fix possible access violation by checking dataset for nil
  • r36732 win32: fix range check error
  • r36733 lazbuild: auto create ide/ if missing
  • r36734 Gtk2: fixed mouse capturing on native scrolling win controls (TListBox,TListView etc).issue [21713]
  • r36735 LCL: TToolButton: commented debugln().
  • r36740 lazbuild: fixed uninitialized function result, fixed checking if init failed, quick check if lazarusdir is valid.
  • r36741 lazutils: Patch with font collection support from Circular
  • r36744 examples: Adds a OpenURL/OpenDocument test
  • r36745 LCL: Adds the sysenvapis include files to the lpk and adds an extra safety in OpenURL for users which forget to encode spaces in filenames
  • r36746 IDE: fixed fixed size dialogs
  • r36747 IDE: sort selection: layout
  • r36748 IDE: added debugging for sort selection
  • r36749 gtk2: clean up
  • r36750 IDE: less debugging
  • r36751 IDE: jump to next/prev error: fixed direction
  • r36752 LCL: TTreeView: clean up
  • r36753 IDE: next/prev error: clear multi selection
  • r36754 lcl: move interface initialization of TCustomEdit from CreateWnd to InitializeWnd. Consistent with other controls and allows interfaces to check is handle is being created
  • r36755 IDE: Add acceleration keys and fix tab order in Project Wizard and ImageListEditor, issue [21718]
  • r36756 lcl: remove TCustomListBox.Loaded. ItemIndex is initialized in InitializeWnd
  • r36757 lcl: call inherited after setting FLines in TCustomMemo.InitializeWnd. Fix potential crash since widgetset code expect FLines be initialized
  • r36758 lcl: check for csDestroyingHandle in TControl.HandleObjectShouldBeVisible. Fix issue [19882]
  • r36759 lcl: revert 31890 since issue [19882] is properly fixed now
  • r36760 gtk2: less hints
  • r36761 gtk2: less hints
  • r36762 Carbon: fixed result of TWSCarbonCustomListView GetTopItem,GetViewOrigin and GetBoundingRect. issue [21733]
  • r36763 Carbon: added themed TComboBox drawing.Patch by David Jenkins. issue [21747]
  • r36764 Carbon: added themed TComboBox drawing.Patch by David Jenkins. issue [21747]
  • r36765 Docs: added David Jenkins to contributors list
  • r36766 Carbon: make carbon widget visibility in sync with lcl. Patch by David Jenkins. issue [21731]
  • r36767 lcl: remove Destroying and DestroyWnd calls from TCustomListBox.Destroy
  • r36768 lcl: cleanup TCustomListBox.Create
  • r36769 codetools: fixed skipping include files in skipped ifdef
  • r36770 gtk2: less hints
  • r36771 gtk2: less hints
  • r36772 ide: fix selection painting of debugger eventlog colors list
  • r36773 carbon: improved TCarbonWidgetSet.RawImage_XXXX routines.Patch by David Jenkins. issue [21743].
  • r36774 carbon: proper initialization of alpha channel.Patch by David Jenkins. issue [21753]
  • r36775 LCL: implement ClientToParent, ParentToClient based on patch of David Jenkins (issue [0021763])
  • r36776 LCL: extend TThemeServices.IsDisabled, IsHot, IsPushed for teCombobox
  • r36777 IDE: Fix tab order and set shortcuts in Application Options frame.
  • r36778 LazControls: fix potential crash in TListFilterEdit and TTreeFilterEdit
  • r36779 GTK2: add TGtk2WidgetSet.SetDesigning to prevent Abstract method call in IDE. Issue [21773]
  • r36780 IDE: fix tab order in Project Save Options frame.
  • r36781 IDE: fix tab order in frames: Build Modes editor, Miscellaneous Options and Version Info
  • r36782 IDE: fix tab order in option frames: Code Generation, Compilation, Linking, Messages, Parsing.
  • r36783 GTK2: clean up
  • r36784 GTK2: clean up
  • r36786 Carbon: removed extra code for teComboBox, since teComboBox is supported by themes as of r36776.
  • r36787 gtk2: clean up
  • r36788 gtk2: fixed Gtk2WidgetSet.ClipboardGetData mem leak on stream write error
  • r36789 gtk2: removed OldCreateStatusBarPanel
  • r36790 gtk2: clean up
  • r36791 gtk2: clean up
  • r36794 IDE: CloseQueryIDEWindows: skip sub forms
  • r36795 Fix crash in dbg-console, if dbg not active. issue [21712]
  • r36796 SourceEdit: use softcenter for Replace prompt. Issue [0021709]
  • r36797 regenerated translations; updated Russian translation
  • r36800 IDE: when checking if a FPC unit has changed: ignore units that have no source in the FPC sources. Needed to ignore user units reachable through fpc.cfg.
  • r36801 IDE: fix error message can't find unit if the ppu is in one of the loaded packages
  • r36803 DOCS: correct the documentation about CanFocus
  • r36806 LCL: clear FActiveDefaultControl on that control destruction
  • r36810 LCL: fix copy paste error
  • r36811 LCL: don't update Default, Cancel during their applying in UpdateDefaultCancel
  • r36812 LCL: add and ability to use own TListItems, TListItem descendants in TListView for delphi compatibility
  • r36821 gtk2 intf: fixed compilation FPC_FULLVERSION<20600
  • r36822 gtk2 intf: clean up
  • r36823 gtk2 intf: clean up
  • r36824 gtk2 intf: clean up
  • r36825 LCL: initialize font height with the height from DefFontData
  • r36852 IDE: when checking if global unit has changed, skip units in packages
  • r36857,36859 LCL: TControl.UpdateBaseBounds: set cfBaseBoundsValid
  • r36861 LCL: TCustomSplitter.SetAnchors: adapt anchors before applying
  • r36870 LCL: SetAlign: restore the basebounds set before changes
  • r36877 LCL: clean up
  • r36882 LCL: TControl.SetAnchors: during disabled autosize: update basebounds when changing Anchors, bug 21730
  • r36884 LCL: fixed sending CM_EXIT,CM_ENTER when flastfocusedcontrol was removed
  • r36885 LCL: constraint Width,Height to >=0
  • r36888 Converter: fixed 'Missing units' dialog localization, part of bug 21784
  • r36889,r36890 codetools: class completion: fixed gathr proc definitions
  • r36891 IDE: show compiling resource lines when error on compiling resources
  • r36892 IDE: improved message when can not find unit and unit was found in a package
  • r36893,r36894 IDE: messages: show debug: lines and calling resource compiler
  • r36895,r36896 gtk2 intf: checking for liboverlay, using value-changed instead of change-value
  • r36897 LCL: made TImage.DestRect public
  • r36899 Fix encoding errors in Japanese translation
  • r36900,r36901 startlazarus: fixed asking for custom or default
  • r36902 LCL: fixed ShowModal() when Hide() is called on modal form to be Delphi compatibile.issue [15390]
  • r36903 IDE: fixed read/write designinfo, bug 21804
  • r36904 IDE: do not save a new project where only session was modified, bug 21803
  • r36905 gtk2 intf: fixed TGtk2WSCustomTabControl.GetDefaultClientRect to check if gtknotebook has a page
  • r36906,36907 codetools: AddLocalVar: do not add hidden used unit
  • r36908 Qt: added TQtWidget.testAttribute() function.
  • r36910 DBG: Tests for environment
  • r36913 TAChart: Set Brush.Color before Brush.Style to work around issue [21806]
  • r36914: TAChart: Fix compilation of OpenGL drawer
  • r36924 gtk2 intf: TGtk2WSCustomTabControl.GetDefaultClientRect for TTabControl
  • r36925 Qt: fixed resize events of TQtTabWidget and accurate information about clientRect changes. issue [21805]
  • r36929 Gtk2: fixed text background drawing in TGtk2WidgetSet.ExtTextOut() when BkMode = OPAQUE.issue [19384]
  • r36941 Translations: Brazilian Portuguese translation update by Marcelo B Paula, bug 21818
  • r36938,36939 LazReport, lift up to preview window improving layout and functionality, from Julio Jimenez B.
  • r36942 LazReport, avoid hiding text at some zoom values due small differences in text height calc (DONT MERGE YET, NEEDS MORE TESTING)
  • r36943 IDE: msg quickfix for cant find unit: add position
  • r36956 carbon: added FHasPaint variable to TCarbonWidget to allow owner draw.issue [21744]
  • r36957 carbon: added ScrollRect() routine to TCarbonWidget. issue [21741]
  • r36958 carbon: set FTabIndex instead ATabIndex variable in TCarbonTabsControl.SetPageIndex. patch by David Jenkins.issue [21728]
  • r36959 carbon: optimized caret drawing to not update whole widget.patch by David Jenkins. issue [21768]
  • r36960 carbon: fixed order of check width > height in TCarbonTrackbar.patch by David Jenkins. issue [21740]
  • r36961 carbon: implemented autosizing for listview / databrowser columns.patch by David Jenkins. issue [21745]
  • r36962 carbon: fixed possible bad loop in TCarbonSpinEdit.CreateWidget.Patch by David Jenkins.issue [21732]
  • r36965 IDEIntf: fixed typo
  • r36967 Gtk2: fixed retreiving font name from TGtk2WidgetSet.GetObject() when font is default. issue [21828]
  • r36968 codetools: JumpToPublishedMethodBody: raise error
  • r36969 codetools: fixed FindMethodNodeInImplementation for program
  • r36971 tests: codetools: added test for duplicate sections, parsing library
  • r36972 codetools: fixed reparsing initialization, finalization, begin
  • r36973 codetools: fixed treating initialization, finalization as statement
  • r36974,r36975,r36976,36977,36978 codetools: fixed find declaration in library starting in initialization, bug 21832
  • r36981,r36982 codetools: identifier completion: fixed continue searching
  • r36979 Updated Japanese translation by Haruyuki Fujimaki
  • r36980 Fix japanese encoding
  • r36983,r36984 codetools: identifier completion: some keywords for library, program
  • r36985 codetools: identifier completion: keyword initialization for library, issue [21839]
  • r36986 Updated Japanese translation by Haruyuki Fujimaki
  • r36990 codetools: identifier list: skip identifier at cursor
  • r36991,r36992 IDE: identifier completion: add do after with, issue [16850]
  • r36996,r36997,r36999,r37013,r37014,r37015 runtests: fixed compilation, added some tests
  • r37012,r37011,r37009,r37008,r37007,r37006,r37005,r37004,r37003,r37002,r37000 carbon interface: clean up
  • r37020 IDE: recent/history lists: replaced case sensitive comparison with three types
  • r37021 docking: update modified flags
  • r37022 codetools: fixed uninitialized result
  • r37025 IDE: use unit dialog: check for syntax errors
  • r37026,r37027 DBG: Prepare for different line endings. / Accept different line endings (#10, #13, #10#13, #13#10) issue [0021834].
  • r37029 Gtk2: fixed drawing of text with solid brush. issue [21863]
  • r37031 Gtk2: do not draw text background if colormap isn't assigned. Second part of issue [21863].
  • r37032 gtk2: clean up old mouse capture
  • r37033 gtk2: fixed releasecapture
  • r37034 gtk2: verbosity for ubuntu liboverlay mouse capture bug
  • r37038 sqldb: Enable mssqlconnection for fpc >= 2.6.1 (patch from Reinier Olilagers, bug 21867) - added because creates conflicts with later sqldb merges
  • r37040: TAChart: Workaround for TDbChartSource referring to the dataset with Filtered := true
  • r37043 LCL, fix TPostScriptPrinterCanvas.ClipRect is empty-rect until explicitly set by user, patch from Joachim Paepke, issue [21027]
  • r37051 Translations: Ukrainian translation update by Igor Paliychuk
  • r37052 regenerated translations; updated Russian translation
  • r37053 LCL: fixed compilation for fpc 2.7.1
  • r37054,37055,37057 set TDBLookup.FListLink.DataSource dynamically to FListSource or a local datasource. Issue [15410]
  • r37067 LCL: fixed visibility of implemented interfaces
  • r37069 simple deb: using make bigide, updated list of tools
  • r37070 openglcontrol: fixed mem leak, issue [21597]
  • r37071 codetools: identifier completion: unit name of self
  • r37076 gtk2: clean up
  • r37077 IDE: clean up
  • r37092 LCL: fixed compilation for fpc 2.7.1
  • r37093 DBG: Testcase: fixed reading env-options
  • r37095 SynEdit: fix crash in overview gutter creation. Issue [0021887]
  • r37096 SynEdit: Do not offer OverviewGutter in Gutter-parts designer
  • r37101 lazreport: fixed compilation with fpc 2.7.1, new TBookMark
  • r37102 lazreport: clean up
  • r37112,r37113 SynEdit: highlight class "helper". Fix wrong highlight of "sealed" Issue [0021812]
  • r37115 openglcontrol: fixed mem leak, issue [21597]
  • r37126 LCL: Publish some TCheckGroup properties.
  • r37129 gtk2: clean up
  • r37154,37247,37248 lcl-db: prevent lookup initialization when dataset is destroyed
  • r37155 LCL, use rectclip to set clipping rectangle instead of current path because it sometimes get drawn on next stroke (related to r37043)
  • r37157 Qt: fixed key events from QCalendar, now tabbing works fine.
  • r37160 LCL: published missing properties TCalendar.Hint and TCalendar.TabOrder.
  • r37167 LCL: Fix range check error in StringGrid when sorting and RowCount=FixedRows, issue [21947]
  • r37073 codetools: resolve expr: thisunitname.implementationenidentifier
  • r37078 codetools: find declaration: selfunit.implementationidentifier
  • r37079,r37080,r37081,r37082,r37083,r37087,r37089,r37098 codetools: getsmarthint: class variables, enum, array of, inheritance, property params and type, use unit
  • r37085 IDE: show compiler options: check compiler
  • r37086,37088 IDEIntf: removed TLazCompilerOptions.LCLWidgetType, fixed computing default LCLWidgetType on cross target OS
  • r37090 codetools: do not try to search in record ancestors
  • r37105 DBG: Watches Copy Name/Value to clipboard. Issue [0021860]
  • r37106 DBG: Register Copy Name/Value to clipboard. Issue [0021860]
  • r37107 DBG: Watches, added inspect/evaluate to popup
  • r37116 DBG: Fix a possible crash in debugger (history). Issue [0021901]
  • r37195 SourceEdit: Do not access outdated tab-history entries (dangling pointers). Issue [0021939]
  • r37196 SourceEdit: Only add tabs to tab-history that were accessed
  • r37103,r37132 codetools: nested types: Self and inherited
  • r37104,r37120 codetools: GetSmartHint: show anonymous arrays
  • r37111 IDE: Make Close button work in Components List dialog. Issue [21892],
  • r37118 IDE: build ide: if building fails, clear flag clean up once
  • r37119 IDE: when building IDE failed: restore backup
  • r37121,r37122 IDE: select frame: search in packages
  • r37130 IDE: select frame: search in packages
  • r37131 LCL, implements textrect clipping in Postscriptprintercanvas
  • r37133 SynEdit: Fix WantTabs / Change default to "True" Issue [0021904]
  • r37134 SynEdit: Remove not required invalidation (paint / call to wrong Update() )
  • r37135 SynEdit: Remove wrong implementation of Update. Update no longer forwards to Invalidate
  • r37136 IpPro: Fix painting for SelectAll
  • r37137 IDE, IpPro: Allow copy to clipboard from hint (zeljko added because of conflict in 37345)
  • r37140 cody: show code node info: show complete source
  • r37141 SynEdit: Fixed Caret paint error (extra caret left on screen) Issue [0021924]
  • r37143 IDEIntf: added TPropertyEditorHook.IsSelected
  • r37144 IDEIntf: TDefaultComponentEditor: always select component
  • r37146 IDE: if component class is missing: note about RegisterClass
  • r37148 Translations: Ukrainian translation cleanup
  • r37149 IDE: regenerated translations; updated Russian translation
  • r37151 cody: IDE item to create dockable IDE window
  • r37152 cody: new IDE window: show dialog to setup form name
  • r37162,r37163 IDE: TProjectFileDescriptor.DefaultResourceName: first try without appending a number, check for pascal keywords
  • r37164,r37165 IDE: fixed DoGetUnitRegisterInfo for virtual files
  • r37166 SynEdit: Fixed Caret when scrolling under older Wine (Win Emulator)[21929]
  • r37212 sqldb: added icon for TMySQL55Connection for fpc 2.6.1 '
  • r37213,r37214,r37219 codetools: do not save errors outside parser
  • r37215 codetools: GetSmartHint: ^, .., file of, class of
  • r37220 Translations: Czech IDE translation update by Martin Smat
  • r37224 SynEdit: Autocompletion, workaround for click on hint Issue [21952]
  • r37231 SynEdit: Prevent some scrolling, while selecting by mouse. Issue [0021996]
  • r37232 DBG: Inspect window, improve scrolling
  • r37234 DBG: Improve start-up to work with bug in gdb 7.4
  • r37262 searching compiler: search first in dir of fpc.exe, then in PATH
  • r37263,r37265 codetools: improved error message on unit not found
  • r37264 fix setting radiogroup.itemindex under gtk2. Issue [22013]
  • r37267 Docs: improved build_lcl_docs robustness when working with TProcess, patch from Reinier Olislagers, bug 22000
  • r37273 SourceEditor: Fix crash when closing several tabs, while debugging (paused / loading line info). Maybe related to issue [22015]
  • r37274 Fix Crash in building "Windows" (list of open W.) Menu. Note 0059576 in Issue [22015] (not related to other parts of issue)
  • r37280 SQLdb: added missing tmysql55connection.png, bug 22033 Related to 37212 and other revisions for TMySQL55Connection
  • r37281 SynEdit: protect ProcessCommand() against early destruction by ReleaseComponent. Issue [0022035]
  • r37285 IDE: make Close button work in Window Manager
  • r37286 Patch from bug 21651, automatically adds quotes to paths with spaces for OpenDocument in Mac OS X
  • r37297,r37298 SynEdit, Pas-HL: record helper, deprecated in object
  • r37311 Translations: Arabic IDE translation update by Mazen NEIFER
  • r37312 IDE: Make Help button work in Editor Window Manager, issue [21961]. (zeljko added to merge list because of conflicts in 37491)
  • r37325 regenerated translations; updated Russian translation
  • r37326 Translations: Brazilian Portuguese translation update by Marcelo B Paula, bug 22064
  • r37327 IDE, Code Generation options: changed wrong -Op386 option to correct -Op80386. Patch by barlone with some consistency changes, bug 22062.
  • r37357 Gtk2: fixed mbAll button on dialogs. Added response keys which does not exist in gtk2. issue [22083]
  • r37344 gtk2 intf: less hints
  • r37345 ipro: less hints
  • r37359 lazreport: German translations
  • r37360 cody: German translations
  • r37039,r37319,r37324,r37361 sqldb: German translations (zeljko added 37039,37319,37324 because of conflicts)
  • r37362 educationlaz: German translations
  • r37363 ide: German translations
  • r37372 lcl: don't access Items of TreeView if DragOver happens during treeview destruction
  • r37373 IDE: debugger options: check the resolved file, bug 22086
  • r37374 Qt: bypass windowmanager when showing dragimagelist.
  • r37375 Gtk2: do not show taskbar entry for dragimagelist.
  • r37376 IDE: update TUnitInfo.ResourceBaseClass on loading lfm
  • r37378 [Edited, includes selected lines of 37402] SourceEditor: Hide hint, when mouse moves (even if outside IDE, or IDE is not active). Issue [0022016]
  • r37368 DBG: Fixed array len for 64 bit
  • r37369 lcl: don't crash when either DragTarget or dragged control is freed (issue [22067])
  • r37370 lcl: cleanup debug info
  • r37371 lcl: fixed a memory leak when canceling drag of dead control
  • r37380 SourceEdit/DBG: Ensure Codebuffer is updated before using it to add watches
  • r37383 IDE: TUnitInfo.fModified: do not set on get
  • r37384,r37401 IDE: do not set TUnitInfo.Modified when committing source editor to codetools
  • r37388,r37389,r37390,r37391,r37392 tests: added tests for cfgscripts, fixed unit output directory, cfgscript: fixed error message if semicolon is missing, IDE: added conditionals functions GetIDEValue, GetEnv, LCL: use IDE widgettype as default
  • r37397 TodoList: properly trim comment markers and convert multiline text to single line, fixes bug 22085. Based on patch by Anton.
  • r37400 codetools: fixed mem leak
  • r37418: TAChart: Fix range check using datapoint tool on a chart without series
  • r37440 DBG: do not set temporary stack = -1 in thread changing. This may cause errors
  • r37444 DBG: Watches, save "Use instance class" to config
  • r37449 LCL: fixed comments
  • r37451 Qt: fixed wrong SetCapture() under win32. Problem was passed TQtWidget handle instead of underlaying widget winID() which is native handle.
  • r37453 SynEdit: Fix goto bookmark and persistent block. Do not clear persistent block
  • r37461 lcl: TCustomForm.UpdateDockCaption: fixed repair garbage
  • r37463 IDE: when docked keep IDE caption
  • r37464 Help, DBG: New link to wiki for watch properties
  • r37475 codetools: TCustomCodeTool.FindLineEndOrCodeAfterPosition: fixed crash when at end of code
  • r37476 codetools: clear nodes behind, when linkscanner parsed only parts
  • r37481 IDE: fixed storing old LCLWidgeType, bug 22174
  • r37482 codetools: save parse error of operator, do not save errors outside parser, fixed parsing method name with generic parameter
  • r37483 codetools: allow keywords in program name
  • r37534 Qt: do not call setValue() but setPosition() so lcl gets accurate values later. issue [22187]
  • r37491 Help, DBG: Link to wiki for breakpoint properties (zeljko - 37312 is merged too, because of conflicts)
  • r37470 IDE, DBG: debug-eval hint, do not show, if selection exceeds one statement (e,g whole file selected). Part of issue [0022081]
  • r37471 SourceEditor: Fix an issue with focusing an editor, that is being closed (while debugging) "no parent handle". Issue [0022015]
  • r37517 SynEdit: fixed folding for "case" and "try" in certain code segments (initialization / case...else try)
  • r37518 SynEdit: Pas-HL: fix detection of case...else versus if...then...else
  • r37522 SynEdit: Pas-HL: better detection of case...else
  • r37623 SourceEditor: Fix (Work-around) an issue with focusing an editor, that is being closed (while debugging) "no parent handle". Issue [0022015] // Required some parts of r37502
  • r37609 DBG: Avoid re-queuing of dis-assembler requests, after cancelling it. Part of issue [0022230]
  • r37643 DBG: Disassembler: prevent disassembler from doing large address ranges, if gdb returns data with far away addresses. Issue [0022230]
  • r37657 DBG: fixed a out of index error, in watches history
  • r37694 DBG: Fixed possible crash in watch evaluation (WatchValue freed while evaluating / in GetValue)
  • r37466 IDE: added menu item to insert MIT license text
  • r37407,r37474,r37492 IDE: TMainIDE.DoSourceEditorCommand: improved focus check, requires r37466
  • r37564 LCL: TCustomListView: reset FCacheIndex and FCacheItems before sorting list, otherwise we'll have unexpected results. issue [22218]
  • r37505, r37509, r37516, r37523 fixed compilation with fpc 2.7.1
  • r37592 lcl: fixed compilation fpc 2.7.1
  • r37525 TAChart: Display legend symbols even if the text is empty
  • r37565 TAChart: Display major axis marks at the edges of the clip range
  • r37576 TAChart: Fix infinite recursion when drawing chart listbox from series with Legend.Multiplicity <> lmSingle
  • r37588 TAChart: Include Item.Y in reordered list of TCalculatedChartSource. Update test. This will break old tests. Please contact me for a fix --- Ask
  • r37727 TAChart: Update to the recent version of FPVectorial
  • r37587 Qt: unset icon when doing internal sync after sorting. part of issue [22218]
  • r37620 LCL: invalidate parent preferredsize when borderspacing changed, bug 17947
  • r37621 LCL: clean up - invalidate in TControl.DoBorderSpacingChange no longer needed with new autosizing
  • r37622 lazutils: added missing file
  • r37624 LCL: GetClientRect: if interface has the right width,height trust the clientrect, this avoids some unneeded resizes
  • r37573 IDE: project inspector: add files: allow dotted unit names, bug 22209
  • r37619 IDE: open package dependency: try provides, issue [17960]
  • r37628 IDE: compiler options: disable target platform for packages
  • r37594 codetools: fixed Unneeded extra space in event assignment completion
  • r37613 codetools: property completion: add class var for class property variables
  • r37614 codetools: class completion: search variables in all sections, bug 22246
  • r37625,r37626,r37627 codetools: class completion: fixed searching var node when first is class var
  • r37629 codetools: fixed adding class keyword for property setter of a class property
  • r37630 IDE: codeexplorer: labels
  • r37634 IDEIntf: objectinspector: fixed painting outside paint event
  • r37631 codetools: no var node for anonymous record case variables
  • r37632 codetools: identifier completion: when creating an override hide higher visibility members
  • r37633 codetools: class completion: add static method modifier for setter of class property
  • r37636 codetools: class completion: add static method specifier for class property setter
  • r37635 IDE: paste component: fix renamed references
  • r37637,r37638,r37639 IDE: paste multiple components: fix references, lcl: LRSObjectTextToBinary: write convert list of components
  • r37640 IDE: paste components: update TControl.Caption
  • r37642 lcl: fixed LRSObjectTextToBinary toWString, issue [19650]
  • r37644 codetools: fixed inserting proc bodies in implementation in front of methods
  • r37652,r37653,r37655 codetools: using TFileStreamUTF8
  • r37656 IDE: using TFileStreamUTF8 and TStringListUTF8
  • r37663 IDE: fixed show info on --help when no stdout exists
  • r37689 LCL: fixing handling of special keys for TCustomEdit and TCustomMemo
  • r37690 codetools: forward proc completion: stay in same section
  • r37697 DBG: Dialogs, don't give help related commands to IDE. They will be ignored
  • r37698 IDE Help: add urls for dbg dialogs
  • r37703 lazutils: utf8pos: added optional parameter StartPos
  • r37704 IDE: setup dialog: show fpc source directory release version as warning instead of error
  • r37707 tools create deb+rpm: use 128x128 icon
  • r37705 SynEdit: open and close clipboard explicitly to write multiple formats.
  • r37714 lcl: gtk2: warn only once about liboverlay
  • r37711 lhelp: cleaned up paths
  • r37712 lhelp: clean up
  • r37713 lhelp: resolve macros in HelpEXE on the demand
  • r37715 chmhelp: using search path to search for chm files
  • r37716,r37717 chmhelp: added path $(LazarusDir)/docs/chm
  • r37718 'hmhelp: search ref.chm in docs/chm
  • r37726 create_lazarus_deb: added option chmhelp
  • r37722 DBG: Event-Log: Do not cache Options. Allow user to change options while debugging
  • r37596 Patch from Issue #0022231 "fix warnings with fpc 2.6.1".--AlexVinS 21:40, 8 June 2012 (UTC)
  • r37745 deb+rpm: default environmentoptions: updated to 107, removed default gdb entry
  • r37748,r37755 lhelp: added makefile
  • r37749 make bigide: build lhelp
  • r37753 IDE: fixed comparing file names case insensitive
  • r37754 lazutils: inlined UTF8CompareStr
  • r37760 Use Utf8CompareText instead of AnsiCompare
  • r37762 linux: added encoding to desktop file
  • r37769 Use Utf8CompareText instead of AnsiCompare
  • r37770 TAChart: Fix AV when clearing Series.Styles and TColorMapSeries.ColorSource properties
  • r37772 Use Utf8CompareText instead of AnsiCompare
  • r36804 win32: mark client rect as required update before WM_SIZE passing, remove DoAdjustClientRectChange - they are called inside WM_SIZE handler after the client rect is updated (fixes bug [0021724])
  • r36993: LCL, fixed Problems setting Width, Height for TCustomGrid if ScrollBars is auto, from cobines, issue [21790]. If r36804 is merged, please merge also r36993
  • r37783 startlazarus: linux: adding LIBOVERLAY_SCROLLBAR=0 to avoid problems with mouse capturing
  • r37785 gtk2 intf: disable liboverlay by default
  • r37790 gtk2 intf: use setenv only on Linux
  • r37795: export tgz: added option to add chm files
  • r37796 IDE: when copying secondary configs create the primary config directory first
  • r37797 rpm: added option chmhelp
  • r37810 rpm: fixed building without chmhelp
  • r37811 lhelp: fixed invalid recent item path in config, added build modes default,debug
  • r37814 chmhelp: clean up old ipc files to prevent IDE hang
  • r37817-r37821 MAKE DEB
  • r37838 DBG: Fix handling console input
  • r37824 chmhelp: Fixed lazarus hanging when chmhelp pipe is leftover from an improperly closed lhelp
  • r37825 chmhelp; Fixed chmhelp typo (boolean error)
  • r37826 chmhelp: fixed bug where a new lhelp process could be started each time F1 was pressed
  • r37841 DBG: Pseudo-Terminal, accept tabs
  • r37848 lazutils: docs: fixed encoding and package name
  • r37849 lcl: docs: fixed encoding
  • r37850 ide: docs: fixed encoding
  • r37851 updated docs
  • r37853 lcl: docs: fixed some links
  • r37852 build_lcl_docs: using UTF-8 file functions, added option -h
  • r37855 build_lcl_docs: showcmd: show working directory
  • r37861 lcl: check if ListDataset is loading to update lookup info. Issue [22337]
  • r37846 win32: let TComboBox.CloseUp fire before Change (delphi compatible). Fix 22352
  • r37880 IDE+startlazarus: use same working directory, needed for passing relative file names as command line parameters, fixed building lcl+lazutils chm on ubuntu 12
  • r37866 lazutils: fixed unit names
  • r37868 lazutils: added fpdoc files
  • r37869 docs: building lazutils+lcl chm
  • r37885 DBG: fixed parsing sets for debug-inspector
  • r37906 IDE-Options / SynEdit: Fixed RightEdge visibility (Recression)
  • r37919 DBG: Prevent potential crash/memory-corruption in Watches
  • r37920 DBG: Prevent potential crash in (dbg-)OnIdle handling
  • r37921 DBG: Prevent build up of no longer needed commands in queue
  • r37945 DBG: Prevent a crash, when the selected snapshot is deleted. Cas also happen when starting the debugger, while a snapshot from previous run is active
  • r37950 DBG: fixed endless loop in watch eval (auto type cast) Issue [0022425]
  • r37961 DBG: Disable rangechecks for certain PtrUInt casts
  • r37993 carbon: fixed crash of IDE when compiled with range checks on
  • r38006 gtk2: fixed crash on QuestionDlg
  • r38003 IDE: fixed showing custom project options, issue [22486]
    • merged ONLY main.pp
  • r38016 ToDoList: fixed encoding of French translation, it should be UTF-8, not ISO-8859-1. Patch by batyann811, bug 22489.
  • r37981,37983-37989,38001,38004-38005,38012,38017 Win Installer

Fixed after RC1

  • r38127 IDE, EditorOptions: Fixed finding color attribute in localized IDE
  • r38132 IDE: setup: after changing lazarusdir: fetch translations and translate
  • r38133 chmhelppkg: invoke lazbuild with --pcp parameter
  • r38138 examples: testall: fixed start
  • r38139 examples: cleandirs: error for fpc version
  • r38140 examples: componentstreaming: fixed typo, clean up
  • r38141 lazfreetype: fixed range check error, improved error message
  • r38142 examples: mssqlconn: requires fpc 2.6.1
  • r38144 examples: synguttermarks: win32 gui mode, fixed Left position
  • r38146 examples: tv_add_remove: updated
  • r38147 examples: xmlreader: added example xml
  • r38157 IDE: fixed saving ambiguousfileaction, bug 22573
  • r38158 examples: clean up
  • r38038 TAChart: Allow spaces in field names inside TDbChartSource.FieldY
  • r38168 synuni: clean up fpc options
  • r38170 synuni, semaphorgridlpk: clean up fpc options
  • r38022 SynEdit: Fixed drawing errors for frames (left frame site drawn at wrong offset)
  • r38145 LCL: TListView fixed "List index out of bounds" while deleting items. issue [22552]
  • r38150 SynEdit TSynMultiSyn: Fixed crash when deleting lines. Part of issue [0022519]
  • r38151 SynEdit Highlighter: Fixed crash when scanning empty
  • r38152 SynEdit TSynMultiSyn: typo
  • r38175 SynEdit TSynMultiSyn: Fixed updating, when appending to EOT. Part of issue [0022519]
  • r38205 Finnish translations
  • r38180 Synedit: fix matching-bracket-highlight in comments (closing bracket at eol) issue [22586]
  • r38198 IDE: Export to html, do not enforce check for writeable. Issue [22588]
  • r38199 lazutils: do not use winodws W functions under Win98, issue [22596]; Breaks compilation on wince, because win32platform is not defined.
  • r38202 openglcontrol: win32: fixed sharing context
  • r38204 Synedit: fixed typo in IFDEF for fpc 2.60 bug
  • r38225 TAChart: Fix division by zero in zoom tools with extreme zoom ratios
  • r38226 TAChart: Fix hang in functional series with extreme zoom ratios
  • r38223 SynEdit TSynMultiSyn: Several fixes issue [0022519]
  • r38232 TAChart: Add InRangeUlps utility function
  • r38233 TAChart: Fix disappearance of axis marks located exactly at chart bounds
  • r38234 TAChart: Fix crash when setting Marks.LabelFont from the Object Inspector
  • r38237 Examples/SynEdit: Readme and typo in comment
  • r38266 IDE: Tweak the layout of ManageExamplesForm
  • r38260 TAChart: Use correct notification when the series' source changes
  • r38261 TAChart: Issue change notifications when modifying TListChartSource.DataPoint property
  • r38285 lhelp: replace MessageBox, with Form.Modal. FIx IPC hang. issue [0022592]

Fixed after RC2

  • r38293 windows installers: don't ask to overwrite the environment options in the secundary config directory from Reinier Olislagers
  • r38339 SynEdit TSynMultiSyn: Fix CaseSensitivity for Sheme marker. Issue [0022693]
  • r37386 Remove writeln() that looks like a residual debug message. Issue [0022544]
  • r38385 Translations: removed unmaintained Portuguese translation, which was outdated copy of Brazilian Portuguese one

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