Lazarus release notes

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  1. commits: xxx
  2. log: svn log -r xxxx:xxxx
  3. resolved bug tracker issues: xxx

LCL Interfaces major changes

  • Windows CE:
    • Implemented TCalendar.

LCL major changes

  • Graphics:
    • TPen has been improved. For more information, see blog.

LCL minor changes

  • TColorBox, TColorListBox has been rewritten. Now they are more delphi compatible.
  • TColorDialog.CustomColors has been added.

IDE changes

  • Application icon has been added to the Project Options.
  • Environment, Editor and CodeTools options has been merged into one dialog. A new api is introduced to add custom ide settings into ide options dialog.
  • Application icon, Version information and XP manifest are merged into one .rc file which has the same name as project main file (.lpi)
  • .lrs files can now be saved/auto created in the project output directory (disable in Project / Project Options / Miscellaneous / save .lrs file in the output directory). This way you no longer need to store the .lrs files in the svn/cvs repository, if you build your application with Lazarus or Lazbuild. They are still required if compile using Makefile that calls fpc directly.

Other release notes