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The Common Controls tab of the Component Palette contains visible components like progress bars and viewers.

Component Palette Common Controls.png

Icon Component Description
ttrackbar.png TTrackBar a slider with optional tick marks
tprogressbar.png TProgressBar used to show the user the time when a long-term operation proceeds.
ttreeview.png TTreeView a hierarchical view of information
tlistview.png TListView a useful view of items with icons.
tstatusbar.png TStatusBar a bar (at bottom of the form) that shows the program's status information
ttoolbar.png TToolBar a container that manages tool buttons with images from a TImageList
tcoolbar.png TCoolBar a container that manages tool buttons with images from a TImageList (or actions from a TActionList), arranging them in rows and automatically adjusting their sizes and positions.
tupdown.png TUpDown two buttons that can be used tu increase decrease some other value
tpagecontrol.png TPageControl a container to hold pages, much like a real-world notebook
ttabcontrol.png TTabControl a container to hold named tabs
theadercontrol.png THeaderControl a list of headers with associated text and image
timagelist.png TImageList a collection of images that may be connected to other components
tpopupnotifier.png TPopupNotifier a platform independent 'balloon help' component
tdatetimepicker.png TDateTimePicker a control that assists in picking a correct date and/or time
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