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Database portal


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Advantage - MySQL - MSSQL - Postgres - Interbase - Firebird - Oracle - ODBC - Paradox - SQLite - dBASE - MS Access - Zeos

The SQLdb tab of the Component Palette contains non-visible database connectors for use with TDataSet and TDataSource.

Component Palette SQLdb.png

Icon Component Description
tsqlquery.png TSQLQuery SQL query
tsqltransaction.png TSQLTransaction Transaction
tsqlscript.png TSQLScript Scripting
tsqlconnector.png TSQLConnector generic connector
tmssqlconnection.png TMSSQLConnection MS SQL
tsybaseconnection.png TSybaseConnection Sybase
tpqconnection.png TPQConnection Postgres
tpqteventmonitor.png TPQTEventMonitor Postgres event monitor
toracleconnection.png TOracleConnection Oracle
todbcconnection.png TODBCConnection ODBC
tmysql40connection.png TMySQL40Connection MySQL 4.0
tmysql41connection.png TMySQL41Connection MySQL 4.1
tmysql50connection.png TMySQL50Connection MySQL 5.0
tmysql51connection.png TMySQL51Connection MySQL 5.1
tmysql55connection.png TMySQL55Connection MySQL 5.5
tmysql56connection.png TMySQL56Connection MySQL 5.6
tsqlite3connection.png TSQLite3Connection SQLite
tibconnection.png TIBConnection InterBase/Firebird
tfbadmin.png TFBAdmin Firebird admin
tfbeventmonitor.png TFBEventMonitor Firebird Event monitor
tsqldblibraryloader.png TSQLDBLibraryLoader Library loader
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